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UPDATE - 'Still Waiting' from Beaglekeeper

Well folks I think I'm going to make it ! After being told I had a 2 month wait, them getting bumped back another extra 2 months, I'm finally scheduled for my prostate surgery on Monday the 11th. (Last week the hospital did move it up 4 days woohoo !? ) So, it'll be 123 day wait till when I go under the knife !! We are now in a personal major major Covid lock down. I do not want to catch that bug now & be delayed!! Not going near anybody & it seems Covid is still popping up all around my wife & I. It just adds extra stress !! (My 91 year old parents who live next door both have Covid now !!)
The waiting has be very difficult at times .... especially the last 2 month delay. It can really play on your mind at times. Far too much time to think & reflect. I found going for a walk everyday helped plus doing a couple carpentry projects around the house. ( But take your time, do not rush it !! Any little basic project is enough to take your mind off thinking about the ugly Cancer you know that is growing inside of you !!.) I have 4 days left in this waiting game. Then surgery & 'hoping' it turns out good ? To this cancer family; take care and stay positive !
And like Warren Zevon said : 'Enjoy Every Sandwich' .. Barry ✌ & 💖 *(Ps. My book "Adventures of a Lightkeeper" is being published on Friday )

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wow wow wow
what a week you have ahead of you.

so glad that you are ‘in’. isn't it funny how us patients now ‘can’t wait' to get surgery…

I understand your self imposed isolation….I did the very same thing when I was scheduled for my surgeries in 2020…and at that point I hadn't heard of a SINGLE CASE near me….ha ha ha---things have sure changed in the COVID landscape in the 2.5 years we have been dealing with this, non?

good luck with the procedure, best to your parents, (amazing that they are still home coping with COVID---again, a much different story would have played out pre vaccines), and enjoy the pride of seeing your book in publication. truly a banner week for you and your family.

let us know how things move along once you are home again, and indeed; enjoy EVERY sandwich friend!


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Hi @beaglekeeper and it's good to hear from you again.

Your patience has been admirable and of course, difficult for you to endure. Thank goodness it will come to its fruition within a few days. Please let us know what results you discover.

And, congrats on your soon-to-be released book!!!! I always did relate to Beagles, to Warren Zevon's sandwich analogies and talented writers such as you.



Good to hear from you @beaglekeeper and with a surgery date to-boot! Wishing you well for Monday along with hoping your parents have very little symptoms with their covid.

When you are up to it, come back and let us know how your healing is going.


Thanks you….. & I will keep you updated. This journey is completely ‘new’ to me. Something I was hoping to avoid for another 10 years but no such luck . It's weird , I feel 100% healthy (?) but have that ugly prostate cancer.

Hopefully I'm lucky & strong like my father. He had his kidney removed 30 years ago & didn't miss a beat & no issue since. And living next door at 91, & handling the Covid fairly good. …. See ya'

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thats great news!!! and I’m sure a relief for you to have a firm date to focus on.

You have done an admirable job keeping busy and handling all the obstacles in your path. We all know the waiting is the most difficult.

Best of luck on the 11th! We’ll all be pulling for you!


Hello @beaglekeeper

Certainly don't want to be a pest. Just checking in to see how your surgery went and how your healing is going? No pressure to reply. You just crossed my mind is all.


Hi Lianne, well I ALIVE, WooHoo !! I FINALLY had my radical prostate surgery on Monday morning and was sent back home on Thrusday. My doc said the surgery went well, (?) & I’ll get the final results in 9 weeks. But man It’s no fun !! Pretty rough the first several days & still lots of discomfort, but it is normal I’m told. The operation cut & drain hole looks good. I have a catheter IN for 2 weeks, so that’s a big adjustment & every bowel movement is a big operation & it tires me out. ... Still weak! My first night home was terrible, the ‘water hose’ inserted up inside my _ _ _ _ plugged up and my water stopped flowing. Resulting in a 20 min. midnight drive to the emergency room. That was very painful & messy, but the nurses flushed the line out 3 times & all was good. My plumbing appears to be flowing good since , I just have to drink lots of water to help keep the occasional blood clot flowing thru. Its difficult getting up from a sitting position & coughing ready hurts but today was a better day & I'm hoping for another better one tomorrow. Baby steps..... but I certainly can not complain, reading some the cancer issues this family on this site discuss, just blows my mind.

I’m very lucky, my sweet wife is excellent & has a full time job nursing me back to health. It’s good to have that d*** cancerous prostate removed and so good to be back in my own bed, along with my beagle. Lol. ..... Thanks for checking on me. Stay well. Bp.🌻

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good morning.
I am not @Lianne_Moderator but just want to say – yeah!
sounds like things are mostly going as well as they can be and that is always great news around here.

keep up the good work getting back to yourself again, and send your lovely wife a big hug from me. caregiving is hard.

cheers to you both

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Thank you Su.

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@beaglekeeper So good to hear your surgery has come and gone! Early recovery days are tough but sounds like you have excellent support in your wife and beagle! Congrats and all the best for your recovery, best wishes for a good prognosis going forward. Oh…and I'm looking forward to receiving and reading your book, which I have just ordered!


Thank you Puffin…… it's slow going , have to rest after a few hours up. My ‘open’ radical prostate took the good out of me. A week today since surgery , but everyday 'seems' like a little improvement. Another week my catheter will be removed !!

*I have to ask, with this lovely 'Puffin' name , there must be a east coast connection ?? lol. And I hope you enjoy “Adventures of a Lightkeeper” . ✌

Hello @beaglekeeper

Sorry for the delay as I was off for a few days. Happy to hear things seem to be moving along literally and figuratively for you now post surgery. Also happy to hear you have such a great support in your sweet wife/nurse.

I wanted to share with you how to “tag” a member, as I have done above with your name, so that the person you are directing your response to will be notified that they have been mentioned.

Simply type the @ sign immediately followed by ( no spaces ) the member's username. If you see more than one that match the letters you have typed in, select the one you want. It will then turn blue, as above, and you will know you have done it successfully.

I will also tag @Puffin so they will see your response above.

Keep us posted as you continue to heal.


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