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Swollen lymph nodes in groin
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Hi everyone last Aug I noticed I had a small lump in my groin . I went to my GP and had all the necessary tests done and they couldn’t find anything wrong . This past Feb I began having drenching night sweats and noticed the lump was back again. Fast forward my GP did another ultrasound then sent my ultrasound to a gynaecologist who immediately sent it to a gyna oncologist. So now I’m nervously waiting to see the oncologist im Only 37 years old and terrified . Has anyone else experienced this ? My mind is running wild with reading so much on the internet I have no idea what to think or expect .

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@Bailey11 Hi Bailey……thank you for sharing a bit more…about where you are at now…and trusting us…..

There is an old saying: “Don't put the cart, before the horse !” aka…..dont think the worst, please.

And……."hold off" on Dr Google…..stop reading the internet….it is not your friend…..it may be outdated…and it does not know your “file”…..

We all know waiting is challenging (to see Dr…to get tests….results…and more….)

Try, to keep busy…..cook, clean, go for long walks…..write down all your questions….so you feel “ready” for this upcoming appt.

We are all here to support you…..



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@Bailey11 - You have come to the right place for information that is up to date and where you will meet many others who have been in your shoes. Sorry you had a need to find us but glad you did.

Only the oncologist can tell you what is happening to your body and what to expect. At this point you wont know much until you meet with your doctor. Cancer has many new treatment options these days and unlike in the past many people continue to live long and meaningful lives with a diagnosis of cancer.

Once a diagnosis is made, things usually move very quickly. It can feel like a whirlwind of appointments and treatment but you have people here to lean on and who will walk through it with you.

This guide from CCS talks about what people go through and some of the things you can do to prepare yourself. As hard as it may be try not to think about it too much until you have all of the information to do something with. Try to take it one day at a time.

Others will be along soon and I will tag some folks for you too. @SS2020 @ashcon @cancertakesflight


Big warm hug❤️‍🩹

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@Bailey11 do you have an appointment yet to see the oncologist?

Dr Google is the worst friend! Hopefully it won’t be too long before you get some answers. Meanwhile, distraction is helpful - meet a friend for coffee, spend time outside, spring clean your house, start an online course to learn something new etc…

best wishes, Essjay

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The good news is that your situation is being investigated. I am a 62 year old male, and at 56 I had a painful lymph node removed. The pathology tested positive for metastatic adenocarcinoma of unknown primary cancer. I had a left inguinal (groin) lymph node dissection and removal of the main tumor as well. I had seen my GP 6 months earlier, and the pain was attributed to straining the groin. Once the pain involved the lymph node in my pelvis, and became worse, surgery lead to the discovery of cancer and my ability to move forward.

Pain and swelling and enlarged lymph nodes to not always mean cancer. You are at a point of discovery, and that is a good thing to move forward with toward getting answers. I sincerely hope your situation is not like mine, and is more easily dealt with. One thing I have come to accept these past 6 years, it that I believe it is better to know sooner than later about what is going on in my body.

I wish you well in your situation. If needed, this website is an excellent source of information and support.

Keep well


sgt. pepper
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@Bailey11 ,

I'm not sure my situation will help you but briefly I had melanoma initially five years prior to developing a noticeable lump in my groin. I developed severe pain in the groin area months later and my oncologist and surgeon diagnosed a hernia. It turns out the lump was malignant melanoma and I had three large tumors in the groin. After being misdiagnosed I was vigilant re having proper investigations, including a biopsy and scans, which are helpful tools in getting a proper diagnosis. I was treated successfully and have been cancer free for over five years now. Try to stay optimistic and be proactive in seeking an answer. Good luck, Sgt. Pepper

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