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A little more worried
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Saw my oncologist yesterday and was told I have very mild COPD...:( I have to watch my O2 very closely when I start chemo Monday. Also found out that I will be doing treatments for 6 months...but if the pet at 2 months is good, or if I have lung issues they'll drop the bleo. She also said I still had over a 90% success rate, thankful for that!
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Wishing you the best possible outcome with your treatments.

Did anyone on your team suggest a finger oximeter to keep an eye on the oxygen? I have been using on oximeter since treatments started in 2020. They are very helpful and available at pharmacies and Amazon for a reasonable price. Check with someone on your team to confirm if they think it would be helpful.

Thinking about you as you prepare for your first treatment on Monday. The Cancer Connection community is here for you.

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@S2020 no but that would be helpful for sure I'll ask Monday. Thank you ☺️

Cynthia Mac
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CandiceRG‍ , my Dad had COPD, too - not sure how bad - he wasn’t on oxygen, but he had a fairly steady cough for a few years before lung cancer paid him a visit.

He went through almost a whole year of chemo and immunotherapy together after his cancer spread, and his tumours responded really well to the treatments.

I wish you well with your treatments - you have a very optimistic prognosis!
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Hello @CandiceRG and thank you for writing to this site….it is a wonderful support and educational tool.

My aunt had COPD, but it never became lung cancer. She died at 80, and was a chain smoker since she was a teen in Vancouver. Hideous affliction, so I send you strong supportive wishes for success!!

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@law1 i will happily take 80 :) i quit smoking 9 years ago thankfully.

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