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first treatment done
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it wasn't bad just a little nausea this evening.
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@sun46 Hello…..you did it! First treatment is done…perhaps rest this evening….with positive thoughts……you can do this!



#First Treatment Done

Runner Girl
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Congratulations, one done!

Soon you'll be half way, then going for the last!

It goes by amazingly fast.

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@sun46 good to hear you are doing well:) my first treatment is Monday. I'm both dreading it and ready to take this on. Hope you continue to have as few side effects as possible 💓

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Good luck. I am one third through my treatments. I was terrified at first but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I find the week following treatment I feel weak but then my body starts to recuperate until the next treatment. Yes, I have had some side effects, but I learned to deal with them. Have a complete and speedy recovery.
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I wondering if you can share what type of chemo you are having. I’m done With surgery but am waiting for my first chemo AND radiation appointments.

good luck to you and feel good

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I'm meeting tomorrow with the team at Tom Baker and the worry I have with Chemo is the IV. I'm one if I'm home and not feeling well as I live alone and can just bunker down but the actual procedure sort of freaks me out. I have bad veins and tend to almost faint at just a blood test! Yikes. I'm doomed to be a bad patient
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@Daf The nurses at Tom Baker are absolutely masterful with their IV skills. I bruise with almost every blood test but only once in 8 rounds of chemo. I finished my chemo Dec 31, 2021 so you are probably dealing with the same lovely ladies.
I did feel the hydration the day before was very important to keep those veins plumped up. If I wasn’t peeing every 2 hours I was guzzling more water (including through the night).
I can’t watch them give me a needle of any sort so I should caution you about the lab at TBCC if you are squeamish about needles. There is no separation between you and 4 or 5 other patients so you are all seeing each other’s needles and reactions. I went elsewhere after being there once.
I can sympathize with your comment about bad patient. I told my medical oncologist that I was “flunking radiation“ at one point. Please let us know how how you are doing when you can. You will be a perfect patient by just showing up.

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What do you mean when you say you went somewhere else. How many people are getting chemo at the same time. How long did you have to sit there. Were you able to drive after? So many. questions. Thank you for the encouragement. The worse thing is I've worked in health care for the last ten years so I should be more desensitized but it is what it is....thanks again
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@Daf Forgot to mention my treatments were 90 minutes for the first 4 rounds (doxo rubicon and cyclophosphamidE) and 180 minutes for dense dose paclitaxel for 4 rounds. I did not drive but probably could have for the first 4 sessions. I found myself foggy for a few days after the infusion and didn’t drive those days either.

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@Daf sorry for the confusion. The lab is just for routine bloodwork in between rounds. The place where you have chemo is stations separated by curtains with some semblance of privacy.

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@Daf so many questions - yep it’s scary facing chemo…

i was treated at our local rural cancer unit - small and friendly. I had a blood test and doctor visit the day before chemo - to check my liver and kidneys, review side effects etc. There were 6 chairs for chemo patients and I was usually the youngest at50…

I would have premeds and saline, have my port flushed and chemo would begin after about an hour. AC was about 90 mins then they‘d give me more saline to make sure I was hydrated to go home. Paclitaxel took longer cos I had benedryl first then 4 hours of chemo. They ran it slower for me to try and reduce side effects. Then more saline to hydrate me.

if you have the bloods and chemo on the same day it will be a longer day with some waiting around.

You kind of have to go with the flow- it is what it is…

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