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My son’s journey
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This is my son’s horrific journey with cancer since August 2020 when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his elbow, bicep and pelvis at the age of 41. Sarcoma is a rare cancer, different for each patient.
Last November he underwent a 16 hour surgery to remove the cancer from his arm and a prosthetic elbow was inserted. He was left with a functional hand, but no arm movement. He has had 4 different chemotherapy regimens and radiation but nothing has helped.
After an inpatient chemo treatment, he unfortunately suffered a major stroke and heart attack. He lost the use of his speech and his right side. His speech has partially returned but not the use of his right arm, hand or leg.
Tumours have continued to grow in his right hip and pelvis.New small tumours have just been detected in a PET scan in several other bones. He is in pain everyday and bed bound.


We found a private cancer clinic in Vancouver and have recently had costly out of pocket tests done in France to see if there are any targeted drugs available to treat his specific cell mutations.

The suggested drug, Entrectanib, is NOT covered by OHIP or any of the drug companies for Andro’s diagnosis, so they must be paid for by Andro. This drug he needs costs $10,000 per monthly treatment. We raised money with a gofundme but after 6 weeks it was evident the drug was not working for him. In fact more tumours have grown and new ones have appeared in his arm where he had surgery over a year ago.
Recently he required surgery to remove part of his femur as it had broken due to deterioration of the bone. He actually had that piece of bone up to his hip removed as there were tumours in the hip socket which rubbed on the femur.
He is now recovering in a rehab hospital that has a palliative unit. An amazing place where he has 24/7 care in a private room with excellent services.
He is not strong enough to try other experimental drugs. There is no cure in any case. At least he us being well cared for, and I am staying with him at present.
One day at a time.
Good days and bad days.
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How very sad. He has suffered a great deal. You both have my heart.

I have uterine adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth, its a soft tissue sarcoma.

I feel for you both.

I have been given a terminal diagnosis, but I'm still here, still well.

Sending you best wishes and hope you son has some comfort.

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@Mom1 I'm sorry you have the need to find us but so glad you did ! You'll never meet more caring and supportive people anywhere else. We're a family here and now your a part of this family. This is your safe place to chat, rant, scream or just get answers to any question you want. We'll stick with you every step of your cancer journey we won't just post and run.

Wow ! through all that “ AND YET HE REFUSES TO GIVE UP ” !! I seriously would love to meet him and just chat over coffee. This guy is a true warrior ! Can some of his close friends visit him ? It really is uplifting when a good friend shows up for a visit. Or maybe arrange for some face time. It's not fun when your last shot of medical healing, radiation / chemo are over and you feel pretty much abandon. I remember my last chemo treatment and three of the guys in there were talking about just being there for a therapy session which they do every 15 - 20 years. YEARS !!! I almost had a meltdown. It sounds like your son has his priorities in order !

Now let's talk about you. Even granite erodes a bit at a time. How are you personally coping ?? Always remember you still have your cancer team to fall back on, even if it's just for you to get out and take walk, meet some girls for coffee. They also have good counseling which I found very helpful here. I've no idea if you two are spiritual people but never, never forget that Christ is walking WITH you in this every step of the way.We can always speak in private about that if you wish. I gave my life to the Lord a long ago so now my only hope for healing Is God. I'll take it !

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