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Hi all: I am feeling lucky that all of my cancer was removed, but frustrated by the continued tenderness I have on my surgical site. I had a chunk of skin and tissue removed from my perianal area and it is still tender to sit, and I have some stress incontinence 4 months in, although it is improving with practicing kegels. It has put a dent in my activities for sure- but it's nice to be able to do some exercise again. Took 3 months to heal, because of the section with no skin, and because of being so close to my anus- tearing a new one every day is not much fun. My husband has been wonderful through it all, and he did everything for me and my 91 year old mom.

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@halfass - love the username 😂🤣

We need our sense of humour in this cancer game!

Its not easy this healing is it? Soreness, tightness, lumpy bits, bruising…and how long does it last?

I still have painful scar tissue in my surgery area (breast) and a keloid scar where my port was that tightens up if I don’t give it daily attention, and I’m 2.5 years out from treatment…

One thing that has helped me has been to massage the scar and the surgery area. I use bio-oil (once the surgical site had closed) and with my fingers moving back and forth along and across the scar and in circles around the scar tissue. It has helped but it is a daily thing. Is this something you could do, or is it still too sore yet?

I remember years ago I had some nerve damage in my coccyx from sitting after knee surgery. The nurse got hold of a ring cushion for me which meant my coccyx wasn’t pressing on anything. It made sitting more comfortable. Would that be an option for you?

Hope it starts to feel more comfortable very soon, Essjay

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@halfass Hello and welcome from ON! I too, just luv your screen name ! Maybe I should change mine to “Miss My Old Colon” or MMOC !!

I am familiar with discomfort in “that area”…..Perhaps try CALENDULA Cream by St. Francis Herb Farm (With Vitamin E) NPN 80033105 60 ml about $14 (shoppers drug mart/any pharmacy, over the counter !)

I found this cream super helpful “there”!! …..Sitz baths???

I do hope, that in time……it will all heal…..and your discomfort is all said n done!


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Thanks so much. I'm sure I'll be OK in time. I do find that massage helps.

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, halfass‍ , I’m chiming in with some advice an OR nurse gave me about 12 years ago:

I had “barked” my shin (almost to the bone) about 10 years before that - lucky I didn’t break that leg - and the scar had opened up from the flaking, fragile skin. She told me to do exactly what Essjay‍ Said: massage the site. She said, “just give it a little extra rub when you’re drying after a shower or applying lotion.” It worked: the scar is still there, but the friction has stimulated the site enough that it’s never opened up again.

I spent a lot of time in sitz baths, too, years before any of the above, so I can attest to Whitelilies‍ ‘ suggestion’s effectiveness, too!
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This is so great to get some “real life” suggestions. Sitz bath, massage, suggested cream to use- thanks so much everyone. I'm trying them all. Massage has made a difference so far, and Sitz bath, and now I have bought a bidet add on to aid in cleaning the wasteland area more effectively. Take care everyone, and stay safe.

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