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I was diagnosed end of November with a stage 1 DCIS with ”evidence of papillary carcinoma”. I keep reading articles that talk about “your team”…I don’t have any kind of team. The closest cancer centre is a 5 hr drive away. I have no idea how to navigate this.

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@JaneAgain Hello Jane and welcome from BC! I am sorry for your reason to join us here; but glad you did…… I read your Hello/Introduce Yourself -

I will tag @Skye2 thank you so much…..if you could share your experiences, here, to support our new member from BC (@JaneAgain )……seeking to connect……and understand the info she is given……..

Jane….if you wish to tag/reach another member…..type “@”screen name ( no space after @) and a few names will drop down; select name you wish; turns blue; they receive your message.

I will include a link below (Breast)….you can read through….learn, via others' experiences too…..you can post more questions….share your feelings (you did !!) and we will respond……

Welcome Jane


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Cynthia Mac
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Hi, JaneAgain‍ welcome to the site. I’m sorry it’s a bit intimidating, but you’re doing fine! You can’t break anything on the site, so come along any time, and post. I see you already put your introductory post in the right place, so you’re off to a good start.

The site IS massive, but there’s lots of good information. Whitelilies‍ Gave you some information about tagging, and she gave you that http link directly to the breast cancer section. She also explained how to tag members, and I’ll add that the # hashtags right before a word are designed to help people access information quickly.

In my mind, your “team” is everyone who is trying to help you through this: you, your caregiver, your GP, even the technicians doing your tests. That was how I looked at it as I gave care to my Dad during his journey with lung cancer. In reading another of your posts, I see you want to be prepared in advance of your talk with your surgeon. Some Provinces have on-line access to test results, but, speaking for myself, I wouldn’t have any idea how to read them. Lianne_Moderator‍ Is out in BC, and can perhaps fill you in about accessing your medical records on-line. I’m in ON.

There’s a lot of support here, so I hope you’ll reach out when you have the need.


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Hi @JaneAgain

Welcome! We have all been where you are, and are here to help and support you!

Its such a whirlwind time when a diagnosis is made, and you feel like you’re hanging in the wind. As for your “team” as @ashcon @Cynthia Mac and others have said, its usually your surgeon to start with. If your pathology indicates a more extensive result, they will refer you to medical and / or radiation oncologists for chemo and radiation…you don’t have to arrange anything. Your surgeon will book CT scans and MRI’s etc… for you.

im not sure how they will arrange the specifics of care if you need to be at a cancer centre 5 hours away.??? I would suspect social work may be referred to help.

As to your lumpectomy report, the fact that “the marker wasn’t present in the specimen” can mean a couple of different things. Clips are often inserted as “markers” during breast biopsies to mark the location of target lesions. Or, it could be referring to the receptor markers ??? ER, PR, HER2. I’m not sure…

Theres no question “waiting” is the hardest part, and there is a never ending stream of “what if” thoughts running through your head. A warm bath, music, meditation apps, reading as well as physical activity etc… are good relaxing methods for most, but if you need a sleep aid, take one. Rest and sleep are vital to your well being.

Once you see your doctor, I’m sure a more definitive treatment plan will be explained and even if it’s not what you had hoped for, you’ll know what you’re dealing with, and what the next steps are.

Everyone here will help walk you through, so you are not alone.

I’ve had a double mastectomy with lymph node spread, chemo and radiation- happy to answer any questions for you!❤️


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