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My introduction to the group
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Not sure if I'm doing this right? Posting that is. I am a kidney cancer survivor of seven years now, I sure could have used you back then. How I got through it was by writing my thoughts down on paper. I had no one to talk to at the time so I kept everything inside and just wrote it down. Also I wrote poems about cancer and how I felt about it etc. After a year or so the poems just stopped and I haven't written since. I will stop for now as this is my introduction, I have just joined and look forward to future talks. Bye for now.

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@J.P Hello and welcome from ON! So glad you connected here with us! You did great!! Post #1 = Terrific Post !

Congratulations, on being a Survivor! Wonderful….7 years!! Amazing to hear this…..Please know you have found a group of people, who care….we listen, we share, we support one another.

Writing, journals, poems, all help us get our emotions “out”….in any form….perhaps you will start writing poems again soon?

Please have a look through the site…..there are many group/chat/forums, perhaps of interest. I will include a link below (Living well after cancer)….where you can read through, and perhaps connect/reach out/'tag' anyone, if you wish…..you can post elsewhere….you can ask a question….you can share your feelings….you can share your poetry……look forward to that!….type “@”screen name (no space after @) and a few names drop down ; select name you wish/turns blue/they receive your message.

So glad you joined in!

Welcome JP



Cynthia Mac
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@J.P. (Tagging not working - likely due to the periods after your initials — tagging Lianne_Moderator‍ For assistance).

Thank for joining us! Journaling has been a great help to me throughout my life. It’s good to know that it has helped you, too.

We have a section on Cancer Connection just for kidney cancers. If you want, you can head over there, in case there are people who could benefit from your experience. There are apt to have been changes in treatments since you went through your cancer - a lot changes in seven years in this world!


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@J.P Welcome to the community, we are so glad to have you 🤗
Congratulations on being a survivor. 7 years is wonderful!

I'm sure our community would love to read your poems if you wanted to share some! We have a group called Creation Nation where members share their creations! Or if not, maybe some others' creations will be an inspiration to begin writing again.
Here's the direct link, if you'd like to check it out:

Welcome again, J.P!

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