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Colon cancer
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I have recently been diagnosed with aggressive colon cancer and will be starting chemotherapy treatments at the end of December. Has anyone had any experience with using diet as a supplement to treatment.

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Hi @Laura73 and welcome to the site. Sorry you have to be here but we will do our best to support you. You may want to try changing your diet along with traditional treatment…..but I'm going to pass your post to @Whitelilies who is an absolute wealth of information on colon cancer and has many resources for support groups she has used. She will be in touch with you soon. Thank you for reaching out!

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Hi @Laura73, very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Sounds like your treatment team is right on top of things as you are starting chemo soon so that is good news. As @Brighty notes, @Whitelilies is a super awesome purveyor of information!

I can speak to my experience with colon cancer and diet as I have been through a full range of treatment this year. One key aspect is potential blockages from tumours and you may want to ask if your treatment centre provides access to nutritionists. I spoke to one as I was starting treatment and her advice was to avoid insoluble fibre as this creates bulk in your gut that can lead to blockage (chick peas, dark leafy greens like kale, beans/peas, cauliflower, nuts, etc.). She recommended easy to digest foods and suggested a range of foods to ensure protein and carb intake was high to keep the body nourished and having energy during treatment.

I have attached a link to a quick overview of diet (American hospital resource which is brief) for patients while on chemotherapy. However, definitely connect with a nutritionist if possible to talk about diet for your specific chemo regimen.

Good luck and ask away with any questions or concerns! Lots of helpful people around here!


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@Laura73 Hello Laura and welcome to our caring community….I am sorry for your reason to join us here; but glad you did. I am wishing you the best…as you start treatment at the end of Dec.

You asked about “Diet, as a supplement to treatment….”

I will share…..please ASK your DR/Onco first….about eating/not eating, in regards to chemo etc…..ensure that what you choose to do; is OK first….

I will share…that I promptly stopped eating meat….dairy…..sugar….processed foods….( I felt that what I “was” eating, surely was not doing me any justice - as I too Laura, am on the colon cancer journey…… diagnosed at 56 (2018)..I was told stage 2-early 3…..I had radiation…..surgery called the L.A.R. Lower anterior re section)

I now see a Naturopath Dr/Oncology trained….she also guides me with what food choices are best AND supplements and vitamins to take…..

ALSO; TIP= connect with the Dietician at your hospital….they are a wealth of knowledge……I learned I had to UP my protein! (helps with healing of tissues)….when I stopped meats, for example…she was upset with me! “You need your protein”…..So, she suggested eggs, here and there.

Is your question, perhaps, about diet, in relation to managing the chemo? ( I did not have chemo…..but was wondering IF you were concerned for this part……ie what foods/diet will help, to manage, with the chemo/side effects etc)…..If this is part of your question….please ask Dietician…she will know too…..

How are you doing? How are you feeling?

Keep sharing/posting here….we are listening….and will support you!



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i found out sugar is my enemy. I cook and bake for myself now drastically reducing or eliminating the sugar. I can’t believe how much sugar are in items, items you think are good for you. Yogourt is the worst for sugar. Ingesting sugary items instantly cause me discomfort so it’s now avoided at all costs.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in February and started chemo March 11, going every 2 weeks. I just had my 19th round. 18 rounds with one chemo cocktail and #19 was the start of a new chemo cocktail.

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