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Just out of surgery awaiting treatment
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Hi, I am Angie and I just got the results of my breast lumpectomy and lymphnodes removal. I had cancer in 2vof the 3 nodes. It is a rare breast cancer called neuroendocrine carcinoma. ER+ HER- So good news is my awesome surgeon got it all and I had double reconstruction and it looks really awesome. I had large breasts so I am lucky for that. Chemo should start soon....just waiting and a little scared. Any who. That's me in a cancer way .later and I wish everyone much health.

Also, i love to move. Fitness, zumba, that part is hard. It's what makes me happy. I need to change the diet if I am not moving as much. Also what should I eat not eat? What is estrogenic? Idk

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thinking of you Angela,--so glad to hear your surgery went well.

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@Angelala I'm so happy for your inspiring post ! Sounds like you had a great surgical team too.

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Thanks Dave. I had the best team of Dr and the best friends and family to support me . I did my zumba today very low impact as instructed and am feeling happy lalalaalaaaaa . Energy all gone but relaxing wrapping gifts for my wonderful friends . You gotta just keep going…. One day by one day no matter what.

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welcome to the cancer connections community. every single one of us here ‘get it’. we know what the waiting is like, we know what the worry is like, and we also know what the value of support is. so glad that you found us.

I'm happy for you that surgery went so well. has your medical team indicated to you when chemo will begin? it is nerve wracking waiting for the next chapter in your own story, isn't it?

please let us know how things move along. #zumbaandfriends sound like a great self treatment regime….mine was #pizzagintherapy - ha ha la la la. whatever works 😏

cheers and again, welcome here.

#newdiagnosis #chemotherapy

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, Angelala‍ , I’m going to tag Runner Girl‍ Regarding your questions about estrogenic foods. She’s had breast cancer, and is kind of my “go to” with all things related to diet.

#eatingwell #estrogenicfoods

Runner Girl
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Hi @Angelala Thanks for the tag @Cynthia Mac

Here is a list of foods to avoid and foods that are good

Any food that increases your risk of obesity or makes you prone to inflammation triggers breast cancer, be it of any type. These include:

Sugary foods:
• Added sugars in foods and drinks (such as in fruit juices and high-fructose corn syrup)
• White bread
• White pasta
• White rice
• White flour-containing baked products
Saturated fats (increases your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and helps grow breast cancer cells)
• Deep-fried foods
• Margarine
• Non-dairy creamers
• Packaged cookies and crackers
• Cake mixes
• Pies
• Pastries
• Processed snacks
Red meat and chicken with skin (increases your cholesterol levels and promotes the growth of breast cancer cells)
Alcohol (promotes the growth of breast cancer cells)

Research says that some foods play a role in slowing down the growth of cancer cells or enhancing the efficacy of cancer medications. These include:

Citrus fruits such as:
• Oranges
• Limes
• Bergamot
Vegetables and herbs:
• Broccoli
• Cabbage
• Lettuce
• Celery
• Parsley
• Bell pepper
Good fats (especially those that contain omega-3 fatty acids):
• Walnuts
• Olive oil
• Chia seeds
• Pumpkin seeds
• Flax seeds
• Pine nuts
• Salmons
• Sardines
• Tuna
Lean proteins:
• Lentils
• Beans
• Adequate fiber intake (25-30 g daily)
• Adequate fiber intake

Despite weak estrogen-like action, soya and flax seeds help make tumor cells less aggressive as per some research. However, talk to your oncologist before you start soya or flaxseed products as diet supplementation.

Runner Girl

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