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Just over two years since I was diagnosed with ovarian/peritoneal stage 4 cancer, non operable. On my third round of chemo and came across this site. Thought I might find some useful information here!
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Anything related to cancer & chemo.

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@Macaulay73 welcome to cancer connection. Sorry for the reason you have to be here. I'd like to introduce you to a few people with similar experiences you might be able to connect with. @KeeponKeepingon

@La123. @Glory22 @GG31 thank you.

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@Macaulay73 I'm positive you'll get great information here, but support too. Welcome !

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Hello @Macaulay73 and welcome

I had High Grade serous ovarian cancer grade 3 with surgery and chemo completed last March.

How are you feeling with your chemo?


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Hi here! Please read my Blog, I Cry In Silence, all about my fight with Ovarian Cancer! Thanks, Jeanette

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, Macaulay73‍ - I’m glad you’ve found this site. You sure have found a place full of people who understand what you’re going through. It’s astonishing, the number of people today who are living with stage 4 cancer. I hope you will be able to connect with some of them.

There is a section on the site devoted to cancer types, which lists them alphabetically. You might find more information and contacts under Ovarian.
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Hello Sadie12 & thanks for your reply. I’m new to the Connection & still finding my way around. I have had three different rounds of chemo, 6 on the first go, 15 on the second & having my fourth of this round on Friday. The 15 were a breeze compared to the first six & this one. I’m a 76 year old retiree living in AB & receiving excellent treatment at the Cross Cancer Inst. My oncologist doesn’t like being asked about prognosis but I doubt if I will see next Xmas🙄. I’m not in any pain right now except from the chemo & life rumbles on. Sorry about your situation, too young. More later. Macaulay73

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