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Surprise metastatic colon cancer
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A year ago I had transverse colectomy surgery due to a stubborn polyp they couldn't reach by colonoscopy. 2 biopsies had come back benign. It was the pathology post surgery that identified invasive adeno carcinoma - tiny, not even into the colon wall and no lymph nodes involved. I was told I was lucky, I dodged a bullet. Routine blood tests every 3 months thereafter - all pristine.
Fast forward 1 yr - post surgery follow up colonoscopy result is clear - yay I think, just a CT left to do and I'll be good to go. Then the Dr called after CT and my world crashed.
8 liver lesions. MRI confirmed they are growing rapidly. Chest CT ordered...24 nodules on my lungs as well. That is 32 tumours and all look like metastatic colon cancer. Dr says "it must have had a blood supply"
Liver biopsy last week and have been waiting in limbo ever since. My husband is retiring a year early and I have taken leave from work for treatment and to "get my affairs in order". I am 59.

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I am sorry you have been diagnosed with metastatic cancer. I am glad you found this supportive community. We are here for you and your husband.

I do not have firsthand experience with metastatic colon cancer. However, I forwarded a link to your post to another member with a similar diagnosis. I could not tell from reading through the member’s posts how much of the information had been shared publicly so I did not tag the person directly here.

While it is necessary to get our affairs in order when we are told we have metastatic cancer, the advances in treatments and many of the members’ experiences here are reason to hope and believe that we may still have more time with a good quality of life. However, I do understand that the uncertainty, anxiety, and shock of the diagnosis can be frightening and overwhelming.

I would like to direct you to a link to the Living With Advanced Cancer forum. Many members have posted about their experiences there.


Also, I would like to introduce you and your husband to the Wellspring programs. Their online programs have been very helpful for me since my diagnosis. I was surprised to meet patients in these online groups who are living active lives many years beyond their diagnoses of metastatic cancer.


We are here for you, @Petey. I hope you return again to let us know how you are doing.

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Thank you so much @S2020 .This is all very new for us, but we are adjusting and have not lost our hope. We are in the initial waiting phase and it is hard. While waiting for my fight plan, I am keeping busy working on making things easier for my husband and making memory picture books for my grandsons. I find doing constructive organizing helps because it is something I can control when the rest of my world is swirling.

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@Petey Hello….I am so saddened to hear of the “news” right after a CT…when you expect the “All Clear”…..just so difficult…..for your entire family….

I too am on the colon cancer journey…..I too am 59 !!

Please meet @Pinto (also from BC) Thank you so much….if you could share your experiences, here, to support our new member (also from BC), on a similar path….much appreciation…..

I will also send you a private message/so as not, to overwhelm, here and now.




I know exa what you’re going through. I’m the mother of my 39 year old daughter who has the same condition. She’s had a total of 13 chemo treatments, one major surgery and another coming up mid January. My biggest piece of advice is to not thrown in the towel. She’s a fighter and it sounds like you are as well. Stay in it to win it. Make great memories and most of all, live each day to the fullest and do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Live girl! Enjoy each day. ❤️❤️

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Hey @Petey wow that is quite the tough story. I can’t imagine the relief you must’ve felt and thankfulness of “catching it all” followed by such anguish and shock down the road. While I don’t have this exact story or cancer I do have stage 4 breast and I want to let you know when I was first diagnosed 2 years ago they told me I have a few months to live. So I am very happy to hear you guys still have hope. Keep your hope it goes a long way. I have quality of life. As someone said it’s good to have your affairs in order regardless. We all should do it no matter our health. It’s like people think if they do, something will happen to them lol. And that is just not the case. And hey I was nooo better myself. You just keep your hope up. You have a lot in front of you yes and we will be here for you when you need. One day at a time one problem at a time. Sending love ❤️

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