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Hello all

My story started in Apr/21 with what I thought was a muscle pull from swimming. Ultrasound and CT in Jun/21 showed a 17cm mass on my left kidney. Open left radical nephrectomy in Jul/21 yielded an 1150gm tumour. About 6 weeks of recovery, then back to aquafit and pickleball and living in blissful ignorance believing it was gone! Oct/21 a follow up CT showed a 9cm mass at the surgery site and mets in my lungs. Bummer!!!! Nov/21 I started an immunotherapy clinical trial with pembrolizumab and levantinib (I still can't pronounce the names, lol!). 3 weeks in and the side effects of headache and achiness have resolved. I hope it works!!

I still can't believe I have cancer! I don't get sick!

How many of you can relate?

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@DDnccRCC2021 Hello….I am sorry to hear of these findings….aka cancer! It is a bummer! You bet I can relate!

I too, was, like, never “sick”…..a cough; go to work! Low grade fever; go to work! Runny nose; Get to work fast! and the list goes on…..GI Dr “found” a 3 cm tumour “downtown”, on my 1st ever colonoscopy…….shocked? Yah!

How are you doing? How are you managing?

Yeah 4 Pickleball!!




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@DDnccRCC2021 Hi Ya ! I can certainly relate. All was fine until I woke up with what I thought was a muscle pull in my left upper chest. After a few days and it's didn't go away I contacted my Doc who then scheduled a CT. Two days later He called and BOOM I had stage 4 cancer in my left lung. It was like flipping a switch from healthy to cancer.

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