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My husband has brain tumour (midline glioma)

Hi everyone,

My name is Nana. Our family recently found out that my husband Wyn is diagnosed with midline glioma in the brain (the rarest kind). We are staying strong and looking for resources to help us financially.

We had been preparing to launch our art studio channel on youtube since the summer of 2021 until the devastating news stopped our tracks several weeks ago. However, we are strong and remain focused on launching this channel.

My husband has been the breadwinner of our family for many years, and now it is my turn to take over until his complete recovery.

I am an artist by trade but had not been able to successfully pursue a career as the industry is extremely challenging.

Thank you,

Nana Zheng

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@wyn&nanastudio, I am sorry to read that your husband, Wyn, has been diagnosed with midline glioma in the brain. I hope you and your family find the support and resources you need.

Understandably, as you are experiencing, patients and families may have additional financial needs that can add to the stress of a cancer diagnosis. I would like to direct you to a resource in Quebec that may be helpful. Below is the link:


You may also find yourself in need of other kinds of support and resources so I am including the following link:


I hope there is something useful there. We are here for you and your husband if you need to talk, ask questions, or want a listening ear.

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