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Surgery with one lung and pace maker
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Just diagnosed with cancer in polyup and need removal of part of colon. My problem is I only have one lung and pacemaker . I am 70 year old . surgery is risky. Would like to know does anybody have surgery with these conditions. I did have 3 surgeries but I was younger.please help.

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@Hopepray I am so very sorry to hear of your situation. I am far from qualified to give you the answer that will dramatically help you. Is it possible to get referred for a second opinion ? Were you given a time line time line on how much longer you have with and without the surgery ?

There are several others in here that can help you better than I can. I'll put you on my prayer list, and you pray about this too. Do you have a church that you could ask to be remembered in prayer ?

Hello @Hopepray - I am sorry that you are having to endure so much. That is a very specfic situation.

Has a doctor or surgeon suggested the colon surgery? I would think that they would know the risks vs benefits of the surgery. Have they gone over that with you?


Cynthia Mac
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Hi, @Hopepray , I believe your medical team will be the best purveyors of the risks particular to you. I've been here on the site going on four years now, and I don't recall encountering anyone with this many things going on all at once.

I would think that people who have only one remaining lung would be able to have surgery, and I have an uncle who has a pacemaker who has had a knee replaced (but that could have pre-dated his heart surgery). Regardless, I know they've changed his pacemaker, so I would think they'd have given him anesthesia for that.

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@Hopepray Hello……I am sorry to hear of these challenges……you are a young 70 !! I am on the colon cancer journey now…..I can share some info…..to the best of my “Non Dr Opinions”…..SO, you shared they found cancer, in a colon-polyp…..it musts come out…..polyps are often removed “during” the colonoscopy…perhaps this was removed…and they sent the polyp to the lab…..to “confirm” cancer……You may have surgery soon….to remove a “piece” of your colon…..example 5 inches…..they will reconnect the 2 ends….you will then heal.

Your particular situation, as you shared of age….1 lung….concerns for Anaesthesia….all are known to your medical team…..they KNOW what they are doing….they WILL care for you……they will be extra cautious for example…..during Pre-Op (an appt before the actual surgery)….you will be checked out….head to toe…..this is a perfect time to tell them, of your concerns; I truly believe and feel, that they know!!

They operate on patients over 70…..They operate on patients who are pretty ill……so, right now…the best you can do……is breathe out…..

Share your emotions here……When is your next appt? See an Oncologist/Surgical Oncologist?

May I ask where you are from? I am in ONT….I had my surgery in ONT…..

Here is a toll free number that will support Colo-Rectal Patients…..ask any question…they will help you and support you…..

Reach FILOMENA 1-833-792-2726


Colo-rectal Cancer resource Action Network (Canadian Site too)

She has 15 years of experience, supporting patients……she helped me for over 2 years.

Please feel we are here for YOU…..supporting you……

How are you feeling now? Can you eat? Can you void without pain or discomfort??

Reach Filomena……she is the best!



#Polyp in Colon

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@Hopepray I am sorry you have been diagnosed with colon cancer and that you have health challenges that will need to be considered in your treatment plan. It certainly sounds like they are weighing heavy on you. The surgeon and anesthesiologist will be best to answer your questions and determine your specific risks for surgery.

Although we might not be able to answer your specific questions, we are still here to support you. Keep reaching out as you need.

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