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HI :)
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I have been diagnosed last September, invasive ductal carcinoma, ER/PR+, HER2-.

Had my lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy already and now the wait for the pathological staging begins.

Worried about metastasis.. still sore, had surgery recently..

just wondering, how long did you recover from lumpectomy and slnb? doctor said around 1-3 weeks, took leave for 3 weeks. i hope that's enough. I know chemo might be on the timeline, then radiation.

praying for all of us here! let's keep the faith! one day at a time :)

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@SK22 Hopefully someone can clarify for you. I had a lumpectomy but they didn't remove any lymph nodes. The lumpectomy I had on a Tuesday and was back to work probably by Sunday. Then another tumor was discovered and I had a mastectomy with an expander placed. It was during this surgery that my lymph nodes were removed.

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@SK22 @Lianne_Moderator @supersu @Cupcakes Hi Sk, Welcome to the most caring site you'll ever find concerning what you're going through. I can't help you with your post but I've tagged some awesome ladies who I believe can.

We're a Family here and now You're Family too. This is your safe place where you can chat , rant , scream or just ask ANY question you feel you need an answer to. As Family we'll be with you every step of the way no matter what. We won't just post and run.

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@SK22 I had a lumpectomy with SLNB (plus a couple of other lymph nodes removed) in October 2018. I was off work for 11 days, and it took me 7 to recover from the anaesthetic and another day to feel like driving. My recovery may have been affected by my allergy to codeine which I was unaware of before I took the prescribed T3’s for pain!

The swelling took a few weeks to subside, the main problem being a lump the size of an orange under my arm which pressed on nerves and gave me a terrible burning sensation.

How are you doing today?

#lumpectomy #Breastcancer

Hello and welcome @SK22

I had a very similar diagnosis 11 years ago.Left side IDC ER/PR + HER2 -

In my case, we knew before surgery that it had spread to my lymph nodes so along with my lumpectomy, I had an axillary dissection - meaning the spread had gone beyond the sentinal nodes and into the axillary nodes.

I seem to remember starting chemo about 4 weeks after surgery. I healed very well. I did the exercises I was given to do at the appropriate time lines and had little to no trouble at all.

Here is a link to the exercise booklet if you haven't seen it yet:

Exercises after breast cancer surgery

I didn't go back to work after my diagnosis until 2 weeks after I completed radiation - a total of almost 10 months . The working or not is different for everone.

Let us know how you make out with your pathology report and what if any, your next steps are.

Do you have some family or friend support around you?



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thanks to @Dave58 for the tag--I am sure every single person has a bit of a different story - this is mine!

I had 2 x lumpectomies to obtain clear margins in Mar & Apr 2020: had my tumor sent for further testing and based on that OncoType result was not offered chemo. I healed up quite quickly from the surgeries themselves….I started taking a seniors yoga class to help with mobility. it was a godsend!
I only had 1 lymph node removed and that is the spot that actually took the longest to ‘heal’. had some numbing and swelling in the armpit area for months after.

I also worry about recurrence….that seems to be a common theme amongst us all. my therapy of choice is/was my own devised #pizzagintherapy! ha ha ha. I have gotten to the point in my life where I am now enjoying a few guilt free pleasures when I need some TLC.

hope you are moving along and that you heal up quickly and completely and are ready for the next round of treatments; whatever that may be.

there are TONS of folks here with every possible experience…please reach out when you find which way your story is headed for tip & tricks, support and some laughs along the way!


#newdiagnosis #breastcancer #treatmentoptions

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Hello there!


I was diagnosed last May and had my lumpectomy with lymph node biopsy done on June 15. The healing part went pretty well. The incision from the lymph node biopsy took a little longer to heal as it opened up in two little spots but it is now probably the cleanest of the two incisions with also being the one with the least amount of adhesions. I did not have any restriction of mouvement and I did do all the exercises that the physio recommended as well as the scar massages. They did help keep things healing and more comfortable. I still do at time have some discomfort in my incisions like little stabbing pains but they are not constant and not very frequent. I am doing chemo now and then will be moving on to radiation. I am told that with radiation it can make your incisions stiffer and more tender and possibly give you pain in the area so they recommend that you keep up with the exercises even after you are well healed! Hope this helps! Best of luck!

oh and as far as returning to work goes, given the type of work I do (I am a nurse working with heavy patients that require complete care) and my emotional state, I chose to stay off work for the duration of my treatments. I was lucky enough to have lots of sick time and will be starting my LTD in January. I hope to be back at work by next July. My care team did tell me to plan for a good year off and to care for me. My boss is also awesome and keeps telling me to take all the time I need. I know not everyone has that option.

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@Buffythevampire until now, I thought all lumpectomies require slnb.. if you don't mind, how soon did they find the other tumour? i read that axilliary node dissection takes longer time for recovery.. hope everything's better now

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@Dave58 thanks much for tagging the other resource persons, appreciate it :)

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@Essjay woah, the size of an orange.. both incision sites are still sore and yellow now.. arm and breast still feels numb. I have been doing the suggested exercises and have felt improvements already :)

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