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Hello there
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Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer this May 2021 two surgeries and radiation treatments. I struggle for words to describe how it has effected my life. As I have been pretty low key about what has happened in my life. I was always used to helping others. I'm looking forward to hearing what other people are going through. Because it has been an emotional roller coaster for sure. Nice to meet you all … considering the circumstances

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hi there, welcome.

Just wanted to say hi. I have a different type of cancer. But can relate to the struggles of chemo and radiation. Lots of people here with breast cancer I'm sure will come say hello.

@Runner Girl Hi there, you always supportive so thought I'd tag you. Perhaps at work? I'm sure she'll be by in time.

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@LeeB @Lianne_Moderator @supersu @Cupcakes Hi lee, I sorry you have the need to find us but glad you did because you'll never find a more caring group of people any where. We're a Family here and now you're a part of it. This is your safe space to rant , scream, chat or ask ANY question you feel you need an answer to. And as Family we won't back away from you but will be there with you step be step

I can't help you with this type of cancer but I've tagged some incredible Ladies who can. I sincerely hope you find what you need here

Runner Girl
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@LeeB very nice to e-meet you. I'm sorry for what brings you here. Thank you @Boby1511 for the tag.

I was diagnosed with IDC, ER+ and HER2+ in May, 2018. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy (nodes clear). My treatment consisted of 6 rounds of chemo, 17 rounds of herceptin, 21 rounds of radiation, 2 years of tamoxifen and I'm now on Anastrozole until the end of 2023.

Nothing about cancer is easy, but together we make the burden a little lighter.

Runner Girl

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when i was diagnosed last Sept2021, it was a shock, and denial. struggled telling my family. only a few friends know. so i'm still hidden.. like you, it is a roller coaster of emotions. it was a blessing to find this site, as I can relate and can ask any question. so for now, let us all take one day at a time. and be hopeful!

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good morning!
you are where I was about 1 year ago!
my breast cancer was dx'd feb 2020, surgeries and 16 radiation tx's ended july 2020

because of COVID and my personality it was all very low-key over here also.

I am just realizing a year later that there is a mental health component to this all - good for you for recognizing that much earlier than I! I registered myself into the CanCOPE study - and am working thru some mental health virtual wellness modules.

how are you feeling after your treatments?
do you have a support person/team???

there are lots of folks here to offer tips/tricks, answer questions and the groups have everything from fitness to humour. please partipate in this community as much as you are comfortable with.

nice to virtually meet you.


#breastcancer #welcome #cancerconnectioncommunity

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Thank you so much for reassuring me and welcoming me to the group. I'm glad I had found this group. To be able to share with others that know what this journey is like. And to hear what they are going through too. Thank you for the warm welcome too

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Thank you Runner Girl for your warm welcome and reassurance that we are here for each other in the journey/battle with cancer. It's great to have some support with people that know what it is like. Did you ever feel like you were on your own in this before you joined this group? I have family around but do feel alone sometimes… this is mainly why I also sought out this group. Hoping your day goes well enough, stay strong right?

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Hello SK22 nice to meet you however the circumstances brought people in this group together is a blessing. Sorry for your diagnosis last September. Hoping that the treatment was/is a success. It's not fun fighting this alone and glad there is this group and wonderful people that care to listen. Yes there is always some hope I agree that is all we can do is make the best of life and what we have.

Runner Girl
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Hi @LeeB

To answer your question if I felt like I was on my own in this before I joined this site the answer is I was actually alone in this, I don't have family and my then fiance was less than helpful, to the point that he ended our relationship and demanded I move out before I completed treatment. He made my cancer journey a living hell. I joined here and found friends/family that were instrumental in helping me get thru it all.

I've stayed on so that I can help others not feel alone in their journeys.

Runner Girl


Hello and welcome. I see you have already met some of our wonderful members.

I wanted to say hi from the West coast. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept 2010 so I have some idea of what you are going through. You are in good company here so reach out as you need.

PS - If you want to tag a member, as I had done here with your username, simply type the “@” sign directly infront of their usernames and they will get a notificaiton that you mentioned them,

I see @Runner Girl has seen your message so I will tag @SK22 so they can see that you responded to them up aabove.

Are you done with treatments now or do you still have more to come?


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@LeeB welcome to what I hope you find to be a caring and supportive community. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but we do understand where you’re coming from.

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in January 2019 followed by ovarian cancer just 4 months later.

I have a fabulous support system but they really don’t understand what it “feels” like to be a cancer patient and all that goes with that. That’s where this community comes in. Although our diagnosis and treatments may vary there are many components of this journey that are similar. We do get it and we are here for you.

Cynthia Mac
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Hi, LeeB‍ , different people share different amounts of information about their cancer, and on that point, it’s important to stay in one’s comfort zone. Keeping things close can result in feelings of isolation, and sharing too much can result in people being “scared off” which can also result in isolation!

I was caregiver for my Dad when he had lung cancer. He was diagnosed just months after losing his wife (my mom). Dad said he wanted me to be at all his appointments, and that’s when things got lonely - my siblings backed right off, and, while they did step in for me if I was away for an appointment, there was no cooperation regarding communication around things like any house repairs or housework they did. It sounds like a small thing, but I didn’t know if I was repeating tasks, or when something had been done, and that added to the isolation I felt.

I’m sharing this because lots of people read our posts, and since you’ve mentioned the isolation patients can feel, thought I would share that caregivers can experience it, too.

#isolation #caregiving
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