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Hi everyone, my name is Ingrid. I was diagnosed with triple negatie breast cancer in February. I have completed chemo and had a mastectomy. My next phase is radiation.

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Runner Girl
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Hello @Ingrid10

Welcome, I'm sorry for what brings you here. Congratuations on completing chemo, not an easy task!

I'm going to tag a couple of ladies who are also triple negative to share their stories with you - @Essjay @ashcon

I was diagnosed with IDC, ER+ and HER2+ breast cancer in 2018. I had a lumpectomy, chemo, radiation, herceptin, tamoxifen and am on anastrozole now.

Do you have a start date for radiation as yet?

Runner Girl

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Thank you for connecting and tagging some additional members! I don’t have a start date for radiation. I had surgery Aug. 24th and developed a large hematoma and had a drain in for a month. A week after it came out, the incision ripped open and it has been draining since then. I see VON nurses every other day to have it flushed and repacked. My radiologist will be calling today to discuss a plan from here.

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@Ingrid10 welcome to the community!

Sounds like you‘ve had a bit of a rough time recovering from your surgery.

They will want your skin to be healed before you start radiation because skin is what suffers the most. I had 20 doses of radiation - 16 to the whole breast and 20 to the tumour bed to deal with any residual (ppositive margins after surgery). I applied Cerave aqueous cream liberally daily to protect my skin. It tanned and I had an itchy rash but I got off lightly. Out of all the treatments (surgery, chemo and radiation) radiation was the easiest bit although it was tiring going in 5 days a week.

Hope the call with the Radiation oncologist is useful - I know how it helps when we know what the plan is.

Hope All goes well.

Have you found the ‘breast cancer forum’ and the ‘treatments and side effects forum’ - lots of useful info there. Also using the #Breastcancer #radiation #mastectomy will help you find threads from folks going through stuff like you.

best wishes, Essjay

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Hi @Ingrid10

Nice to meet you! You have had a tough go with your surgery! Did you have a double mastectomy or single? Reconstruction? I had a double, no reconstruction. My triple negative was stage 3c, so even with the double mastectomy and chemo, I had 25 rounds of radiation. They thought about doing another 5 booster shots, but I had had enough.

This is the last leg of your “active” treatment. Your almost near the finish line.

Any advice you'd give to others going through this?

Let us know what your radiation plan is, when you find out.

In addition to the other places of information on this site that @Essjay suggested, there's also this robust discussion thread dedicated to radiation:


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Nice to meet you as well!

I had a single mastectomy and was diagnosed as stage 2a. When they completed the mastectomy, they found an additional 7cm tumor. They were unable to determine if it was cancerous or not because it was just a mass of scaring. This tumor was not detected on any of my previous tests. It was a complete surprise to everyone. Because they were unsure if it was cancerous, they gave me to the option of radiation. If I didn’t opt for radiation my percentage of reoccurrence went up significantly. I am scheduled for 16 rounds once I have healed sufficiently.

My appointment today was good. They rescheduled me for 2 weeks from now. I was told that nothing will happen as long as there is still packing in my incision. Once the packing is no longer needed, I will have my first appointment and then 2 weeks later, radiation will begin.

I am personally doing very well. I have found that it is best to take each day for what it is. I don’t get hung up on the hiccups. I am thankful that I am alive and healing. I figure that this is just extra time to get stronger before radiation begins. All the way through this journey, I take it one step at a time and don’t worry about what is happening because worrying doesn’t change anything other than make me feel more upset. I also have a very deep faith and that has been my anchor through it all. I am hoping that by Christmas, I will be all done and then I can focus on getting better and going back to work some day.

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Thank you for your insights and advice! I really appreciate the information.

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@Ingrid10 I am in the same place as you, but just waiting on surgery. Radiation is tentatively planned for me in January. Long long journey isn’t it😬

hope your radiation goes well. I haven’t done any reading on that yet, just one cog at a time on this cancer wheel. Trying to prepare myself for bilateral masectomy right now.

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