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Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Team K
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Hi all, ‘Team K’ here. October 2020 I received a call that the Mammogram showed micro-calcifications on my left implant. After a biopsy that deflated my left saline implant (previous Mammogram deflated my right), it was aborted due to calcification being too hard and now fearing puncturing my chest cavity. The Radiologist and Oncologist collectively decided to have me return every 6 months for the next 2 years mammograms and ultrasounds. My daughter ‘thankfully’ pushed me to have them explanted. I was scheduled to explant on April 21 until the third wave hit then successfully had them removed on August 18/21. They found Triple Negative Breast Cancer on my left breast. If I listened to the doctors' recommendation, who knows what would have happened. I just had my first chemotherapy yesterday and a bone injection today and am feeling good so far. They also recommend Mastectomy and Radiation. I'm less than excited about what's ahead on this big journey but I am optimistic about the outcome. Great family and community support - received many blessings that I may not have received prior. ‘There are blessings in everything’

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wow! bet she is your favourite daughter now! ;)
thank goodness you listened to her…. @Team K

sounds like you are off to a strong start on your cancer story. I know that other triple negative folks will chime in with their unique experiences.

welcome to this community.


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@team k - welcome!

I can’t seem to tag you…

Triple negative breast cancer survivor here. I went through lumpectomy in October 2018, chemo from December 2018 to April 2019, and radiation May-June 2019.

Happy to answer any questions you may have about treatment.

best wishes, Essjay

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