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Diagnosis with Breast Cancer May 2021
Elias 16
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Symptoms you may have??

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Hi @Elias 16 welcome to the community.

Have you been diagnosed? Are you asking what symptoms those who had a diagnosis with breast cancer had?

Symptoms vary - some never knew they had a lump until they have a mammogram, others feel a lump (I did), inflammatory breast cancer feels different too. Most have no other symptoms because the cancer is contained in the breast or local lymph nodes…

How are you doing? Tell us a little more and we’ll try to help.

best wishes Essjay

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@Elias 16 Not sure if I am going to be answering correctly as I am unsure of your question. Do you want to know what symptoms that people had that ended up with a diagnosis of breast cancer?
When I started having mammograms, my left side they wanted to ultrasounds and biopsies but my right side just the mammogram. I was going back every 6 months for I am not sure how long and it was always the same, left side was having more stuff done but nothing found. Until I got a bleeding nipple, then I was referred to a local breast surgeon who did my lumpectomy.

I thought I would add that I have no family history.

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@Elias 16

good morning! welcome to this community. there are LOTS of folks here with LOTS of experience to answer any questions you may have!

the title of your post is Breast Cancer May 2021---does that mean that you have been diagnosed? did you have any symptoms?
have you had any treatments or procedures yet?

my story:
I had been carefully monitoring my breast health because my father had breast cancer about 20 years ago. that apparently can be a red flag for male descendants; so thanks to my great family doc we were very mindful of the BRCA variant.
because my dear old dad passed away from a different cancer before we thought to do genetic testing, we were never able to confirm the diagnosis in myself.

I was religious about mammogram/ultrasound surveillance.
many times I would have extra imaging etc etc….but never anything came of it.

18 months previous to my cancer dx, I presented with an ‘itch’ in the breast - had a mammo and it was determined there was nothing there. again, NOTHING.
because of the clear image and life stuff I had my next mammo about 18 months later.
my breast cancer was diagnosed at that appointment in FEB 2020; I had NO SYMPTOMS and could feel NO LUMP. ugh…I will always wonder if that itch was ‘it’. and I did blame myself for being ‘late’ for my check…but whatevs…..you cannot go back, and I just had to move forward in my story.

let us know what your story is, if you are comfortable.

thanks so much for your post, and welcome to the cancer connection gang.


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