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Hello from North Vancouver

I was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It sounds as though it's been caught early enough that they're expecting surgery to take care of it. I'll be reading the colorectal cancer forum to get suggestions on what to do and expect during this period! :) I hope whoever is reading this is doing well today.

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@WestCoastNorthShore welcome to cancer connection! Sorry for your diagnosis. You will find a wealth of knowledge and support here. Im going to pass your post along to @Whitelilies who has experience in this area and will be able to help you.

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@WestCoastNorthShore Hello and welcome to our caring community. I am sorry for your reason to join us here; but glad you did.

We are both, on the same journey! It is wonderful, that surgery “will be all you need!”. Do you have a surgery date yet?

I had the L.A.R. (Lower Anterior Resection Surgery)….by laparoscope…I did have a temporary Ileostomy, due to the location of tumour (Below the Equator) and they wanted the 2 ends to heal. I was diagnosed at 56 (2018) on my 1st colonoscopy; shock is not even a word, it is an under-statement….

How are you doing now? Any discomfort? How is your relationship to food? Perhaps, now is a good time to reduce red meats…reduce dairy….reduce processed foods…..A dietician at your hospital, is a great resource, to help you, post surgery as well; with what to eat & avoid!

When you can…..please have a look at:


ColoRectal Cancer Resource Action Network; a Canadian Organization….that support patients/loved ones, with colorectal cancer. This site is filled with up to date info- on meds, diets, and support group too…3rd Sunday of each month. Reach, if you wish; FILOMENA..she is the president, and she is a wealth of knowledge and contacts and the best support ever! Her contact info, is on contact page of site.

Do you have any specific questions? Nothing makes me blush!

I have some pre surgery tips……if you wish….I will share….I just do not want to “overwhelm” at this point….I have post surgery tips too….but will hold off, for a bit.

We are all here….to support you……

Keep sharing…..




Thanks for that! I'm 51 and my surgery is in 2.5 weeks. I had my initial colonoscopy on September 3rd and it's been tests and appointments since then. Given the situation with COVID I'm surprised at how quickly they've been able to move.

I'm pretty nervous about it all, though I feel ok. I just want it all to be done and over with, you know? I'm due for the same surgery you've had. I'm trying not to think too far ahead.

I already have low dairy and meat intake, pretty much a flexitarian diet leaning towards vegetarian. Not sure how well I'll do if I get a stoma and need to make some serious diet changes; I've always had some issues around food. I'll likely make use of any dietitian services offered!

They're expecting me to be in the hospital for a week. I'll miss halloween. :( That's my favourite holiday, but it's a small price to pay.

Thank you for the welcome!

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@WestCoastNorthShore welcome to our community. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis but glad to hear your treatment plan is starting. I did not the same type of cancer as you have, but certainly understand the anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

I wish you well with your upcoming surgery.

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@WestCoastNorthShore Hello….in response to your terrific question, about personal items, while at the hospital…..Do pack your cell phone and charger….place in a small labeled “bag”…and put in your suitcase; label suitcases too. When you are about to head into surgery “area”….the Nurse should take care of personal belongings….suitcase etc….she might even know your room number….that is a maybe….bring any other things you wish, to pass the time….but NO jewelery, NO cash, etc….you may need credit card, to order TV/cable in your room. Bring a book…..yes….do keep in touch with your friends and family.

Off the top of my head: Tip for packing FOR the surgery:

lip balm

hand lotion-unscented-dry shampoo….SCOPE in a spray (when you dont feel like leaving your bed yet, and want to be fresh as a Daisy!)….once again EAR PLUGS…..pen and paper….write down names quickly, of kind staff, perhaps send thank you card later, to a special nurse..anti skid slippers…they want you walking as soon as possible….they used to hand out these slippers….covid?costs? pack your own…..robe? if you wish; I just used an extra Blue Trendy Gown! Tie up the Back - NO free shows!!

Sugarless Gum, may be on the list to pack too….chewing, making saliva aids in movement, in body, etc….

Extra underwear; be a Boy Scout….be prepared !

Off to start long weekend….

Ask anything……sending you positive vibes…..let us know the surgery date/if you wish.,..I have MORE ideas - can you imagine that??? laugh,,,



#packing is an art

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good morning!
welcome to this community.

tho we may all have different diagnosis's we all tend to have some of the same issues. this story includes so much more than just the cancer. it is all about the family, the health care team, the mental wellness and the support from folks that ‘get it’.

thank you for your post-your sign off is so lovely!
I hope YOU are doing well today, and that you will have a chance to share a thanksgiving plate or visit with someone you care for.

cheers/happy thanksgiving

#newdiagnosis #cancerconnectioncommunity #support

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Also here in North Van, BC

My mom was diagnosed with the same cancer in April 2021. Will you be at LGH or Van General? Sending you all the best. Sang

Welcome @WestCoastNorthShore from another Lower Mainlander.

Just stopping in to say I am happy to hear it has been caught early, and to wish you well on your upcoming surgery.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing as you are able.


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Hi there,

I too have been in a similar situation recently myself. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in April (age 38) only 3 years after my mom passed away from the very same cancer. But mine was also caught early and I am happy to say after my surgery (rectosigmoid hemicolectomy- laparoscopic) I am now cancer free!! I had a lot of ups and downs, but just let yourself feel it all. Also, yes it is great news that it sounds like it has been caught early it’s still okay to feel mad/sad/(whatever!) about it. I often heard “oh you’re so ‘lucky’ it’s caught early”. Yes I certainly was ‘lucky’ but you know what I still had cancer, and major surgery! so give yourself some grace, it a very overwhelming time, and for me sometimes still is.

I wish you all the best in your surgery, and recovery. The hardest part for me was being away From my family in hospital (including my two children) so yes bring that phone and charger!
And I hope you’ve got good support. For me it was hard to accept help, as I’m usually the ‘helper’ but it was a huge load off when I leaned into that support and focused on my healing.

Take care ❤️

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