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Hello from BC
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My husband and I moved to BC from Ontario in June and my he was just diagnosed with cancer. We are waiting on tests to confirm that he has Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. He is 10 years older than me and hasn't always had the easiest health (4x bypass, arthritis, diabetes, etc.) We have managed through each hurdle with humour and confidence in good outcomes.

We don't know anyone where we live, other than the people who did the renovations on our home. We moved for an adventure and have barely gotten started. We are sad/scared/optimistic/happy and a whole host of other emotions. What a roller coaster.

We have the good fortune of enjoying many friends back in Ontario, remotely for now. We just had to cancel a trip back for a family/friends visit. I am optimistic we can reschedule again in the near future.

I am not sure about what I need or can offer, but here I am.


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@Julkat99 Hi Darlene, I am so sorry you have the need to find us and reach out. But so glad you did because there are so many wonderful and CARING people in here that honestly want to help you. We're a Family in here and now You are part of this Family as well. I'll guarantee that You're going to meet people now ! This is your safe place, never forget that. In here you can rant, scream. cry and ask ANY questions you feel you need to. We will never back away from you.

As for getting to meet people as long as your Husbands health will permit it…GO ! You can still do much of the same as you did before. Everyone in here knows how scary cancer is and will never sugar coat their answers. You WILL find the friendship your looking for in here.

Hello @Julkat99

Welcome to the site and welcome to BC. I am sorry for what finds you here but I am encouraged by you saying, among other emotions, you are optimistic and happy.

I don't know where in the province you live, but in BC you will be in the BC Cancer system with the nearest center to you. Don't hesitate to see what resources are available to you. Some things have been put on hold or modifed due to covid but it is worth checking them out. You may just end up meeting people that way as well.

In the meantime, as @Dave58 has said, we will be here to support you in anyway we can.

We have a caregiver group you may be interested in here: https://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/viewcategory/35

We have lots of members living with a stage 4 diagnosis and many of them can be found in the Living with Advanced cancer group here: https://cancerconnection.ca/groups/home/75

Continue to reach out as you need.


@Julkat99 so sorry to hear you and your darling husband are going through this. My hubby has melanoma too and I’m happy to lend any support you need. It takes a village and the wonderful folks here are amazing with sharing, caring, offering support and guidance. Take care and sending you a virtual hug of support.

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Hello @Julkat99

I'm sorry that you and your husband are experiencing this. This is a warm, welcoming, informative group where you will find support.

You will find friends and community here, but I'm thinking that you will also find friends and community where you are in B.C.. I think we all have stories of ‘angels’ showing up when we need them, and those turn out to be the best, supportive friends.

Thinking of you both.


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Hi, thank you for reaching out to me Can you tell me a bit about your husband's melanoma journey? I have no idea as to what to expect. Thank you!

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