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New Members Sept 7-13

A warm hello and welcome to all our new members!

I invite you to take a moment and introduce yourself below.

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What is your experience with cancer?

How are you doing?

Do you have any questions?

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Hi everyone,

Was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018… PABC (pregnancy associated breast cancer). Was a challenge and I felt like I missed the first year of my sons life by being at the hospital and dealing with chemo and radiation and side effects.

Doing good now and while the treatment is past me, I’m dealing with the aftermath. Can’t try to get pregnant again and we would love to grow our family. Can’t seem to loose weight (and more importantly, the pregnancy weight). And just overall, less interested in taking risks with life, playing it safe. For example, I work part-time and finding it hard to get myself to work for a company full-time which means less time at home and with the little one. Guilt maybe that I couldn’t be there when he was a newborn?

No questions, but excited to be a part of this community!
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Hi there….I’ve been recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer and have been through a series of procedures. I have my my surgery scheduled for October 6th. It‘s a scary procedure and I will be in ICU for a couple of days and I’m really nervous about the length of recovery.

I may have a really dumb question but is it just the incisions that hurt or does the inside of your body a big ordeal as well…as I mentioned. It may be a dumb question.

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@Romps welcome. I hope you will find good support here. I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Just so you know there are no dumb questions here as if you have a question someone else likely has had the same question at some point.

Let me introduce you to @Arby1 and @Bobert who may be able to help answer your questions.

#EsophagealCancer #surgery

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@Romps Hello…..absolutely NO question is dumb.

In my non-doctor response……..I think “all of you”, inside/outside/incision site….will need to heal…..when I had my surgery (bowel area)……the incision did not hurt me at all……but the “inside area” was tender….swollen, and needed to heal…….perhaps pain meds will be offered; take them….

Healing takes time….be patient with yourself……

Wishing you the best Oct 6th; and a Speedy Recovery!!

Regards, Whitelilies


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hello and welcome to this community.

I have had surgery to my breast X2 and can say that pain, (very manageable), came from all over the area…not just the incision…..in fact, the incision was basically pain free.
I am sure every surgery and each patient is different tho…

my wish for you is a PAIN FREE experience….take the drugs they give you to help with pain control if it's needed.

PS - there are NO DUMB QUESTIONS here - every post has the potential to answer the same question somebody else may have. THANK YOU for your question.

cheers & good luck with the surgery - do let us know how things move along for you.

#welcomenewmembers #NOdumbquestions #surgery #paincontrol

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hello and welcome to this community!

as a patient and a health care worker myself, I echo some of your comments and am so thankful for the amazing treatment available to us here in Alberta. we are all very privileged for sure.

so happy to hear that you are feeling better after your whirlwind of diagnosis and treatment for your breast cancer.

I am not a doctor- so this is just a comment from one patient to another.
I think that going thru all that we have, we ‘deserve’ to be a little played out! ha ha
it takes time for our bodies to bounce back.
if you are concerned that you are too fatigued etc you should reach out to your family doctor so discuss. maybe some simple bloodwork can give some clues to your situation.

I also know that there are some great virtual programming available thru WELLSPRING that may get you back on track if it's not a medical state but a stamina or mental well being origin.

let us know how things move along for you, and give yourself a break. you have done some very hard things.


#breastcancer #posttreatmentfatigue #cancerconnection

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Welcome @sonicastar oh a little son, how wonderful I’d be thrilled ! Enjoy each moment they grow up quickly . Before u now it he’ll be graduating high school with a girlfriend for the prom !

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was just told about a fantastic resource this morning - thxs to this community for the generosity of information sharing

these are little modules that you can work thru on your own time/speed

and I note there is one on Cancer Related Fatigue
hope it helps!


#cancerrelatedfatigue #princessmargaretcancerclasses

Roy L.
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Welcome everyone to the place where you will find support, answers, knowledge, laughter, compassion and maybe a friend or 2. I found once I got the first post done, they started to flow. Wishing you all the very best.



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Welcome @Romps

Good for you to post on this website….everyone here has been affected by cancer, and it is a long strong battle.

@Brighty has had much experience with caregiving a loved one who also had the diagnosis of esopohageal cancer. She is very quick to understand your journey and will most likely respond to you with knowledge and empathy.

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HI @Romps nice to meet you. @law1 thanks for introducing us. I was a caregiver for a year for my fiance throughout his esophageal cancer ordeal. Did you have chemo and radiation? I want to wish you the best with your surgery on Oct 6th. How are you doing with eating? Are you able to eat orally? Make sure you consume plenty of calories before your upcoming surgery. Feel free to ask me anything.

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Hi Brighty..I'm not currently doing any Chemo or Radiation, I'm awaiting my pre-op appointment. My original surgery was scheduled for September 29th but they didn't have an ICU bed for me. So that was a bit nerve-racking. How is your finance now?

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@Romps hi there. Unfortunately my fiance is no longer with us, he passed 3 years ago… but I want to emphasize that he passed from circumstances other than the cancer. His surgery was a huge success. I hope you get a surgery date asap! Keep is posted!

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@MAP1 give yourself a frickin break. Your body takes time to heal. At least a year. You don't have to, nor should you try to keep up with what you used to do. You may get back there, you may not. And that is OKAY.

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Hi Romps
That's actually a reasonable question. The short answer is that there is very little pain.
I had the Ivor-Lewis esophagectomy 9 years ago. My first memory of ICU was a bunch of nurses getting me to stand up. I do not recall any pain. I was more concerned about my gown being wide open at the back, and the catheter dangling between my legs!
Once I was down in the recovery ward, there was a sufficient amount of pain-killer coursing through my veins that I wouldn't have known if anything hurt anyway. But I did spend a lot of time staring into the washroom at a stainless steel measuring jug. I just kept imagining it being filled with cold beer!
The two incisions (under the ribs, and under the right armpit) were being held together with 100 staples. I remember thinking that the scars would start to hurt once the staples came out. But nothing at all. I was sent home with a prescription for T3s, and I didn't even get it filled. There wasn't any pain.

The hospital dietician will send you home with a list of foods you should and shouldn't eat. You'll find it's more a list of possible suggestions. After a couple of weeks, once you are able to eat more than mush, you will want "real" food. It won't take long before you have a feel for what works.
I mention this simply because daily eating causes way more discomfort than the surgery ever will.
The gut isn't used to doubling as the new stomach. And it will remind you of that daily. Something that works today will result in a gut ache tomorrow. Eating is a daily adventure!
It could because you've eaten too much, or too quickly, or simply had something that is not easy to digest. You can't really have anything to drink while eating either, aside from a sip or two of water.
When something doesn't settle well, I have to lay on my right side and let the gut get everything organized. That can take an hour or two.

I guess all I'm saying is that you really need not worry about pain after your surgery. The nurses and lots of medication will ensure you don't feel anything nasty.
Spend your time planning on "enjoying" a lot of purée when you get home from the hospital, and scheduling your Netflix binge watching.

Best of luck with your surgery.
Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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