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Delayed biopsy after lumpectomy
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I had my surgery July 28, a lumpectomy and 2 nodes extracted after being diagnosed with triple negative cancer.
Now, already September 12, and I am still waiting for my biopsy results. As you might understand, I am going crazy with the long wait, worried that something is wrong and worried that I have not started the treatment!
Since my cancer is triple negative and invasive, I don’t know how this wait is affecting my health.
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@Noemy, that is a long time. Have you brought it to anyone‘s attention to ask the reason for the delay? In some areas, there have been delays due to pandemic restrictions, but it would be a good idea to follow up to ensure it wasn’t an oversight. That‘s a long time to be waiting.

Have you been given an appointment with a medical oncologist?

Wishing you the best possible outcomes with your treatments. We’re here for you.

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I don’t blame you I would also be going stir crazy! I don’t know where you live or what the Covid situation is in your area but I would start putting a certain amount of pressure for answers as soon as possible.
Please keep us posted and take care of yourself❤️
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I am so sorry. People tell me it’s good to be a squeaky wheel and call if you have been waiting to hear from health professionals. I hope it will be a good outcome when you do hear back.

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Thank you for responding, I have had my post operation consultation with my doctor and she has contacted for me an oncologist and radiologist. Only the radio has called, but he can’t do anything until I finish the chemo…

thank you for your advice, will try calling the doctor s office again.

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Same thing happened to me. It was maddening!!! I totally get your anxiety. In the end (after numerous calls to everyone else with no call back), I called the Cancer Nurse assigned to me. After listening to me and hearing my anxiety, she gave me my results. What an instant relief. So give that a try and good luck. Sending you warrior hugs. 🤗

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good morning-
that does seem like an awfully long time for results!

I would think that they would not have referrals to chemo and radiation docs without the information….so I'm thinking that everyone is thinking that someone else already shared the reports??
I do know that sometimes samples are also further worked up for specific situations, but there really should be a preliminary report by now.

I like the suggestion to reach out to your nurse - they are usually the most helpful ;)
and if you can, get copies of everything for your own records. I still refer to my pathology reports from over a year ago!

let us know how things move along for you.


#pathologyreport #howlongistoolong

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Thank you all for your help!! I did call everyone I could and Finally yesterday afternoon my Family doctor told me that the results were in! Called immediately my doctor assistant and she said she was going to give the doctor the results and she will give me a call and send it to Oncology.
Thanks again! It feels good to have someone care about what happens to you even if they don’t know you 💕

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