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Breast cancer in Saskatchewan
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So an update for all you great people, I am booked for surgery on August 10th for bilateral mastectomy with sentinel lymph node biopsy, hysterectomy, ovaries removed also, liver biopsy and small hernia repair. I'm from San and doctor said I will be discharged the following day to recover at home .I had brca test done but still waiting on results. Stage one invasive ductal cell carcinoma and no clear diagnosis of uterus area that lit up on pet scan but said severe endometriosis and adenomyosis with large cyst on ovary. Liver biopsy is being done to confirm fitz curtis syndrome or cancer .Any tips on recovery appreciated. I have electric bed thank the lord and my best friend made me holder for drains and pillow ❤
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thank you so much for the update - it sounds like you are being so well looked after by your medical team and your loving friends.

discharged the next day? wow! aren't our bodies amazing.

I hope it all goes well on the 10th…..I'm sending you my very best wishes for an easy breezy hospital visit ;). you must be so excited to get thru this part of the story to begin to rid your body of your cancer.

let us know, when you are feeling like your old self again, how it all goes.


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