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Reaching Out
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I have joined this forum to reach out to others who are in treatment or finished treatment for colorectal cancer.
I have been in treatment for colorectal cancer up here in Sudbury at Northeastern Cancer Treatment Center - they have been great.

It is looking more likely that I won't be able to have surgery to remove my tumor but chemo seems to be working.

Would be interested in hearing from others experiencing this situation
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@MadiganB welcome to our community. I hope that you will find it both helpful and supportive. I do not have your type of cancer, but I would like to introduce you to @Whitelilies. She may be able to provide some information for you or connect you with some others in a similar situation.

There is a forum for people affected by colorectal cancer and it can be found at this link:

Colorectal - CancerConnection.ca

Please reach out if you need any help navigating the site.

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@MadiganB Hello….thank you for sharing where you are at, now…..there are quite a few of us, on this site, who are on a similar path, as yourself…

Please meet:

@TravelBugMick @Haemish @CancerChick83 Thank you all, if you could share your experiences, here, to support our new member, also on a similar path….much appreciation.

I do hope the tumour will shrink even more….and be “far off” from the artery….and that surgery will happen soon…..

I had Radiation first…..Dr wanted to try to shrink the 3cm off the bat….then LAR surgery….I was told, from the get-go, Temporary Ileostomy….6 months….and then Dr reversed it…..now “healing” with a new colon, which is not “pretty” at times……but, we all do understand, the ups and downs , that we face.

If you can….have a look at: www.CCRAN.org

ColoRectal Cancer Resource Action Network (Canadian Organization….up to date info on meds, clinical trials, side effects, support group monthly, diet, connecting, and more). Reach Filomena (contact info on contact page of site, with a toll free number, email too). She is a wealth of knowledge and contacts and understanding and more…..SHe just supported me (again), last week…..

Welcome…..we are here to support you.



Hello and welcome @MadiganB .

I am glad you reached out and introduced yourself. Happy to hear that the chemo seems to be working. I am sure you will hear from other members who have experience with colorectal cancer, but to make sure you are seen by more of them, I am moving your post to the Colorectal cancer forum ( Forums > Cancer types > Colorectal cancer ) https://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/viewcategory/64.


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