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Living with Tamoxifen and fear of recurrence
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I was diagnosed with stage 2 hormone positive breast cancer with lymph node involvement in 2017. I went through a mastectomy and two reconstructive surgeries and 16 radiation treatments. I have been on Tamoxifen since 2017 and just now having side effects that may indicate the beginning of menopause. I am 45 years old but starting to feel like I am much much older.
I am looking for support and guidance from other women in the Moncton New Brunswick area who are in a similar position as me.
I am feeling a bit lost as to how to move on post cancer, deal with Tamoxifen side effects, and living with recurrence fears.
Are there any groups where women meet to walk or chat and help each other?
I am feeling a bit alone and overwhelmed these days.
Thank you in advance.
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@KelBel Hello and welcome to our caring community….I am sorry for your reason to find us; but glad you did. We are here to listen and share and support one another.

You mentioned you wished to connect with others, from the East Coast (similar path)….I have found 3 ladies from NB……

I would like you to meet:

@Tiah041369 @MommaGass @Marilynac Thank you so much ladies, if you could share your experiences (similar path) with our new member, to offer support, as she wishes to connect with others, from NB. Much appreciated….

Welcome KelBel


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Hi KelBel‍,

I am sorry for your reason to be here, but glad you found this supportive community.

There is a breast cancer support group in Moncton, New Brunswick. They are not meeting now because of pandemic restrictions, but plan to resume in person meetings again at a future date.

The Greater Moncton Breast Cancer Support Group
YMCA, 30 War Veterans Avenue. Moncton, NB
For more information please contact: 506.532.1071

You mentioned a fear of recurrence. An oncologist and psychotherapist in Halifax facilitate the Healing Program. I participated in their 2-day online retreat in 2020 and that program included tips, tools and suggestions for patients with a fear of recurrence. I do not see an upcoming retreat listed at their website, but they have many videos at their website and the content includes information provided at the retreat:


Until the breast cancer support group resumes in Moncton, the online groups at Wellspring may be helpful:


Wishing you the best possible outcomes with the Tamoxifen, and relief from the side effects and anxiety.

Runner Girl
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Hello, I am not in your area, but I wanted to make a suggestion for your Tamoxifen pain. I had terrible body pain on Tamoxifen. I found complete relief with acupuncture. A 30 minute treatment every 3 weeks left me pain free. Perhaps check in your area for an acupuncturist that practices traditional Chinese medicine, might make all the difference, sure did for me.

Runner Girl


Welcome to our community! I'm so glad you reached out. Some great resources were provided above.

Our Cancer Info Helpline can also help you find local resources. They are great listeners too. You can reach them at 1-888-939-3333.

I thought this webinar may interest you: Webinar: Fear of cancer recurrence during COVID-19 (bigmarker.com).

I hope our community helps you feel a little less alone also. We are here for you!


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@KelBel welcome to the community and I hope that you will find it both helpful and supportive. I am not on tamoxifen so cannot provide input in that regard. However, I do live with the fear of recurrence. I am two years out now from both a breast and ovarian cancer diagnosis and am finding that I think about recurrence less often then I did even just a few short months ago. I doubt it ever leaves, but I think it becomes much less invasive over time. There is a forum called The Next Chapter -Living Well After Cancer and can be found at the link below. You may find some good information there to help you move forward.

The next chapter - Living well after cancer - CancerConnection.ca

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