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Hi everyone . I was diagnosed with ductal cancer on Monday. Still waiting on rest of biopsy report to know rest of diagnosis and also waiting for appt for sentinel node biopsy . I am still in shock as this was almost not found at all. I had been having my left breast checked every few months as there was something and they weren't sure if it was a cyst. Then during covid I couldn't get checked hardly at all. When things started to open up in May i went to the family doctor and he said let's get you checked so sent me for the mammogram. The lady doing the mammogram said I'm going to check the right side too as it's been over a year since it's been checked even though the doctor didn't ask for it. That is when she found the lump in the right side. The left side was just a cyst. So after more ultrasounds and mammograms and the biopsy I got the diagnosis which I would not even know if she hadn't decided to check .I am forever thankful she did and hopefully found it early. The main things I am feeling are shock and fear and just wondering how to keep things going day to day and keep positive when I don't even know what's ahead yet .I'm so glad I was directed to this site and although I'm sorry I'm meeting you all here I'm glad it's a place where we can discuss things openly and be here for each other.
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@Lisa8 Hi Lisa…..so glad you found us too…..and yes, what a skilled mammogram technician she was, going the extra mile, checking the right side……

Your emotions may be all over the map…..it is only a few days, since the DX……it is all “normal”….let yourself feel……let yourself cry…..let yourself reach out…..

Once you have a treatment plan in place….then you can feel, you are moving forward……right now, you are waiting; waiting is hard for all of us…we wait for a test, for a test result, for an appt…etc……use this “time” to your advantage…..get outdoors and walk in a park; sip iced tea on the porch; read a mystery novel…..clean the garage…..get busy; keep busy; keep your mind busy……

We are here for you, for support.

We understand.



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Lisa8‍ welcome to our community. I have found it to be so supportive and helpful.

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in January 2019 as a result of my screening mammogram. I was quite shocked when I received a call the same days as my mammogram to return the following week for more testing and a biopsy. I was told then that it was cancer but would have to wait on pathology report for more information. I can certainly appreciate your anxiety and disbelief.

Your treatment will depend on the type, size and characteristics of the cancer. I had a lumpectomy with a sentinel node biopsy followed by radiation.

My one piece of advice is to stay away from
google although I know it’s hard. There is a lot of information out there that is either incorrect or outdated and can lead you down a dark path. If you feel the need to do some research I would stick to the Canadian Cancer website. I also utilize the Mayo Clinic website. Both of these sites are reputable and can provide you with some good information.

We are here to help support you so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
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Hi Lisa8‍,

I am glad you found this caring community to support you as you wait and go through appointments, tests, treatments, etc.

In addition to the helpful suggestions by Whitelilies‍ and JustJan‍, I want to direct you to Wellspring’s online programs. Their extensive list includes groups for breast cancer support, Be Well talks, yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other topics:


Do you know the date of your next appointment? Wishing you the best possible outcome with everything. We are here for you!

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welcome to this community. glad that someone directed you here….was it your FANTASTIC mammographer???? she sounds like a gem. (full disclosure - I work in a diagnostic imaging lab, so this makes me super proud)

of course nobody wants to get ‘the’ diagnosis, but what a miracle story that while they were focused on the LEFT side, your technologist had the presence of mind to question the RIGHT. wow wow wow….. from your photo you look like a young woman, so who knows how long that side would have gone unimaged given normal circumstances. what a great story.

this is indeed a place where we can have real talk. every single person here ‘get’s it'. ask any/all question of us…we cannot offer medical advice, but we all have our stories and if you've poked around on the site - there is much information, experience and support shared.

as for the waiting and how to get thru it, I can only tell you what I did. I went into major declutter mode and cleaned up my entire life. purged stuff from my apartment, cleaned up my locker at work, and even cleared out the inbox on my computer(s) - ha ha.
for me the waiting is the HARDEST PART. I want ALL the information, NOT sugar coated as soon as it is available.

not sure what province you are in, but make sure you make friends with the surgeons assistant, and ask for a nurse navigator. these professionals really made a huge difference in my story. doctors are often too busy to talk, but these folks had some extra minutes to chat, and in my case were able to supply results as soon as they were available. my mental health needed that.

good luck – hope to see you around the community.


#newdiagnosis #weloveourmammographers #miracleshappeneveryday

@Lisa8 My left breast was the trouble one and eventually I was diagnosed with DCIS at first after a lumpectomy then triple positive IDC after a mastectomy. I was having my first mammogram/ultrasound appointment since my surgery but I was only given the ultrasound appointment. While I was at the ultrasound appointment I mentioned that I was supposed to have a mammogram also on my right breast. My right breast had been reduced/lifted when they put an implant on my left side. And now I have a suspicious (less then 2%) on my right breast. From the report on my last mammogram, they now think it's scar tissue.

The “waiting” is so hard. This is a great group to belong to even if you don't really want to be here. You are among people who have been through or are going through a cancer chapter.

Don't google too much on “chemo” treatments, the stories are scary and probably not accurate. Everyone's body reacts differently. My chemo experience was very manageable, I was even able to work during most of it.

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Thank you so much ladies! Supersu i am truly forever thankful that the wonderful tech doing my mammogram decided to check the right side a** well , she is a hero in my books! Its been over a week now since I got the diagnosis. Still waiting for rest of results from the biopsy. It is so stressful I couldnt even come on here as i didnt want to think at all. Hopefully the rest of the results will be in soon and I will have some idea of what is going on and get a treatment plan figured out.
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yep….waiting is the W.O.R.S.T.
lots of my friends said just ‘forget about it’….& ‘enjoy the diagnosis free days’! HA HA

there is no way in the world I could rest until I KNEW exactly what I was dealing with. I was way more stressed pre diagnosis than post. once I had the pathology and the general gist of what I was dealing with….it was then ACTION TIME.

obviously I cannot give you any great suggestions for what to be doing during this time, as I was a basket case and a complete pest to my medical team…..I only know that pizza/gin therapy helped me tremendously ;)

hang in there sis,
hopefully you hear something soon(ish)

#cancerisawaitinggame #newdiagnosis #pizzagintherapy

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