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Hello...once again
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In 2015, I was finally diagnosed with head and neck cancer (on my tonsil due to HPV, oropharynx squamous cell carcinoma), after years of going from doctors to doctors who could never find anything.
I went through 30 rounds of radiation who left me unable to eat, drink or swallow anything for months, and 3 rounds of chemo (cisplatin). I became a vegetable, on my couch...
Then, it was better and I could finally look at the future (not far off, just in case...).
October 2019, it came back in a rib and in the leg (just above the back muscle). This time, radiation only and it was fine. I was determine to not become the vegetable that I had been. Of course, I was told that even if the tumors went, the cancer would come back at some point, somewhere.
After my usual check ups, came the time when the tumor in the leg had grown. This time, the options were chemo (carboplatin)and immunotherapy (keytruda). It is a matter of keeping it under control. This time, I am determined to remain positive and to not make the cancer the centre of my life. I still teach except when I am on treatment every 3 weeks and for the most part, it was fine.
I started March 1st. After more than 3 months now, the pain in my leg is at its worse: the pain gets worse as the day goes on from the thigh, it moves to behind the knee and then, to the calf. Walking is becoming difficult even thought I do walk very day. Any position too long hurst: sitting, standing, moving... The first scan showed a small reduction and the last time, I saw the doctor, he said he was not worried about it but now I am wondering. I am still positive but sometimes now, it gets to me.
Is there anyone who is in the same situation?
Thanks for all your advice and support!
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Hello Julie, my cancer is different from yours . But I read your story and I admire your strength and motivation.
good luck with your treatment
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