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Hi everyone
I’ve recently learned that I had Stage 1A - Seminoma Testicular Cancer from my biopsy results. This is all a shock to me still because literally a month ago I was having my ultrasound done when I learned about having possible testicular cancer. Three weeks ago I had surgery to have my testicle removed. The past month has been a life changing experience since I’m only 29 years old and never thought something like this could happen to me at such an age. I see my oncologist next week and will go through options for chemotherapy and/or surveillance. My concern is that if it’s recommended to do chemotherapy or just do the surveillance? My urologist doesn’t recommend it based on my stage of cancer but I’m still debating once I see my oncologist.

Thank you everyone!
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HockeyGuy024‍ I'm so sorry for your diagnoses. I'm going to introduce you to Trillium‍ whose son had a similar diagnoses. She also is connected with others on tbe site who have similar diagnoses. she will connect you with them so you can all support one another.
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Hello HockeyGuy024

It is shocking that young men get testicular cancer. It is the most common cancer among males 15 - 40 and my son was diagnosed at 40. He ended up with stage 3 so did go through chemotherapy as well as surgery for removal of one testicle. He is now cancer free.

Your oncologist will give you his opinion and recommendations so you will then have the information you need to make your decision.

Here you will meet others like Iggy331DViegasdster2400‍ who also went through testicular cancer.

All the best with your oncology appointment next week.
@Brighty‍ Thank you! I appreciate you introducing me and for your support.
Trillium‍ Yes, it's hard to believe. I honestly didn't know how this type of cancer affected younger males until I found out I had possible testicular cancer about a month ago.

I'm very happy to know how your son is now cancer free. It helps me knowing how there's other people out there that went through a similar experience like me.

I appreciate you referring me to others on this site. I'm very new here so I hope to learn more from others and to provide support in return based on my experience.

And thank you very much!
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HockeyGuy024‍ - So glad you found this community. It is a very supportive site with many people who share their experiences and we all learn from each other. If you have not seen this CCS guide it is very thorough.

You will hear from others soon. My son also had seminoa cancer which has a high cure rate. You may also be interested in these private groups by looking under the groups tab: young adult group to meet others your age and the private men’s club.

Roy L.
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HockeyGuy024‍ Sorry to read what you are going through, especially at your age. Glad you found your way here and I hope the experience of others will help you on your journey.

i deal with a urologist and oncologist as well but for prostate cancer, they are both great and I hope whatever is recommended they can agree on your treatment.

Welcome and please ask questions.

All the very best/

Peace Love Cure.
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HockeyGuy024‍ - you also might find this newly diagnosed guide helpful. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride so hang on to your hat.

You will get through this just fine and knowing we are all here for you, we hope will be helpful for you too.

Warm hugs if you need some.
Trillium‍ I manged to open the links you've sent me and they are super helpful. I very much appreciate it and I'll be sure to join some forums you recommended.

I learned from my urologist that the seminoma is highly curable compared to non-seminoma (I believe that's what he said, I may be wrong). But the difference between the two is the rate of spread/growth with seminoma being much slower.

Indeed, what I've experienced is exactly like an emotional rollercoaster. From the moment of my ultrasound to CT scan, surgery and then finding out about my biopsy. Everything has been overwhelming in such a short period of time. Everything in that web link is exactly what relates to me for sure.

Really, I appreciate your support and your warm welcome. It's definitely something I needed so far. Thank you.
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HockeyGuy024‍ - yes, we were told the same thing. Non-seminoma cancer is more difficult to treat.

I also found the many appointments and procedures in short time to be such a whirlwind but grateful it was taken care ASAP. My son was not diagnosed for two years after having his cancer. I was very grateful he had the seminoa versus non-seminona at that point!

Try not to let your life be completely consumed by cancer. Try and continue with all of the things that you enjoy. This cancer is only one part of your life.

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Roy L.‍ Thank you so much. I am very glad to be here as well. So far, this online community is helping me a lot and everyone has been very friendly.

The medical workers are truly amazing. From the start of my cancer journey, my urologist and my experience with staff in the hospital has been great. When I was admitted to hospital to have my surgery (which was my very first time ever admitted) I have nothing but good things to say. They work very hard especially in times with covid and it makes me appreciate the medical team much more. I have yet to meet my oncologist but I hope he's just as nice and will help me make the right decision for treatment.

I'll definitely keep this in mind and I'll be sure to ask questions. Again, thanks for the warm welcome Roy.
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