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Lung cancer
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Hi everyone. About a month and a half ago I went for a hearing test. I was told to get s MRI to see if I had a growth behind my ear that are not cancer. Well, when the MRI came back there were 5 lesions on my brain. Suggested matastatic . Had a pet scan and found that I had lung cancer. Had gamma knife surgery for the brain lesions and all went well. Tomorrow I start my first of 6 sessions of chemo and keytruda. After the 6 sessions the chemo stops and just take keytruda. I know this is a long shot. Any info or anything that might be of help is welcome.
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Welcome to the club that nobody wants to join. There is a ton of discussion over in the lung cancer forum about pembrolizumab (Keytruda.)

It is amazing how often this story happens. "I went to have ... checked out and they found I have lung cancer." Kinda makes the point that implementing early screening would make a dramatic difference to lung cancer patients. The same difference it has made to breast cancer.

There are some good discussions too in the side effects forums.

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I am new to this and learning to navigate. I still dont know what stage my lung cancer is. Going to see a thoracic surgeon this week.

How do I use this site to make sure I get notified of any responses or conversations I want to read or discuss?
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@Rnsa Hello…..if some has “tagged/tried to reach you”……you will get an email…..and you read, what person wrote. I hope this helps…..I am not that slick on computers….sorry…..

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