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Waiting for a mammogram
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Hi all,
What a wonderfully supportive place this is!
I found a lump in my breast over the weekend, and am waiting to hear back about a mammogram appointment. I am currently experiencing serious anxiety, and my husband encouraged me to reach out and talk it out. (I can't connect with the 888 number from my area). I know statistically the odds are on my side, but the not knowing is really hard.
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Hi, I totally understand your anxiety. We have all been there and hopefully you find out it is nothing to worry about. Just make sure you get an appointment right away though because if it is something the earlier it is caught the better. I didn't push for a mammogram enough when I started getting symptoms because it was just the start of covid. How old are you?
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Hi Buddy65,
I'm 46 and relatively healthy.
I completely understand about covid. Early on, no one knew how bad it could be, how easily it could be contracted etc... I cancelled all of my checkups early on...
I hope you are doing okay.
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Hello MRO

Your husband is a wise man! When i found my lump, i didn't realize this site was available so suffered in silence ( except for the screaming in my head...lol) When i did find this space, it was such a relief- to just read posts, vent, share or just feel the power of many.

Finding a lump - you are right - can be many things - nothing at all - my mom had cystic breasts so lived a life of lumps in her breast, or it can be cancer. What helped me with the waiting was some distraction techniques. Things that would keep me busy - like cleaning out closets, spring cleaning or exercise ( going for walks, some outdoor therapy). Also know its ok to not be ok - to go to those dark places - just try not to stay there. More that i tried to be "positive and forget about it" - the more it seemed to invade my mind.

Please keep us posted on how you're doing. We are here! Kim
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Thanks Kim,
You're so right about the power of many. I tend to (like so many of us) "go it alone" - but positivity and warmth of these forums has already been incredibly helpful. It's a good feeling to have so many people in my corner!
If only I could channel all this nervous energy into my work...
I'll be sure to share when I have an update, in the meantime take good care and thanks for connecting. Megan
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Mammogram booked for mid-June!
Why 6 weeks from now? Apparently the Covid vaccine can cause temporary lymph node enlargement, potentially resulting in false positive mammograms.

Something pretty important for people to consider when booking appointments.
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6 weeks! jeez-louise!

of course you are anxious - there is no person on the planet that wouldn't be....a lump is terrifying.

it will be difficult to 'wait this out', but you can do it...find some projects and before you know it June will be here

cheering you on from the sidelines

#lump #mammogram
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It's a long time su, but we're keeping an eye on it and any changes.
I'm lucky enough to have an enormous amount of cottage maintenance to keep me busy.
Thanks for your kind words, and take good care,
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Hello, it is very normal what you are feeling. Time seems long when waiting for appointments and results that might change our lives
. My advice, keep busy, think positive, and don't google. Best wishes to you for good results.
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Six weeks seems too long to make you wait. Is there nowhere else you could go? I would try to find another place. I had a bunch of scans yesterday, to see if my cancer is progressing now that I have stopped chemo, and they just made a note that I recently had the vaccine and my lymph nodes might be swollen. I would think they could do the same with a mammogram.

I asked your age because I was wondering if you had menopause yet. I am 54 but when I was still menstruating I often found lumps in my breasts that always turned out to be nothing ... always told it was hormonal. Also, do you have any other symptoms such as pain, redness, puckered skin, inverted nipple or swelling of the breast. If you have any of those symptoms I would push for a mammogram.

I really hope you are spared.
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is it a regular mammogram or a diagnostic mammogram? I saw my dr Aug 5 and didn't have my diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound until Sept 15, so yeah. I had to wait 6 weeks also. Ask your Dr if there is anyway they can expedite your mammogram.

Good luck and I hope all the worry is unwarranted.
Hang in there!
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Thanks for this.
No other symptoms but itchiness.
In the last 2 days, the lump enlarged, but today seems a little smaller. It has me wondering if it is in fact an inflamed lymph node due to the vaccine.
Either way I'll call around to see if I can get in earlier as the Itch started before the vaccine. What a time for everything to be intertwined. I feel so deeply for anyone who has gone / is going through this - especially during covid times.
I hope your scans have nothing but good news to tell.
Take good care,
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MRO‍ i encourage you to get on a cancellation list with mammography places - they often have people cancel the day before so appointments do come up sooner (this happened to me)...

Let us know how it goes...
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