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Dealing With Dad's Diagnosis
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Hello! I'm Alisia - 41 years old, married and dog mom. My dad (63) was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor in his lung in march of this year after an incidental finding on a chest xray due to pneumonia in January. I am struggling right now as we live in different provinces (though only a 3.5 hour drive away), and due to restrictions and myself working in health care, I haven't seen him and my mom in person since October, and haven't been able to be with them during appointments, etc. This week he was informed that surgery for resection of the tumor is delayed (again) due to the pandemic and no surgeries are being scheduled until at least May 22. Needless to say, this is very scary for all of us and especially my dad, who is the typical family patriarch. I would love advice from anyone who is going through something similar - in terms of both the cancer my dad has, but also in how to support him from afar. Thanks!
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