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newly diagnosed with vaginal cancer
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Hi, I'm so grateful to have found this forum. I've just been diagnosed with vaginal cancer, although my "official" status must wait until Friday when the biopsy results come back. My biggest fear was metastatic cancer but turns out I'm a rare breed - primary vaginal cancer and no HPV diagnosis to go along with it. Unfortunately I got my CT scan results today which showed several enlarged iliac lymph nodes, so before I could cheer about not having secondary cancer, I was dealt a Stage III anyways. Cancer sucks.

I am really looking forward to discussing this journey with others and sharing in the ups and downs. Honestly, I think I could handle this fairly well on my own, but seeing the effect it's having on my elderly parents, not to mention my kids (who don't know yet - I'm waiting until my MRI when I know the treatment plan), is really upsetting. I'm lucky to be relatively young for this sort of cancer, in excellent health (I am very physically active), and overall a very positive and happy person by nature.

It's all very surreal right now. I hiked all weekend, and feel in such great health (post-menopausal bleeding was my first sign anything was wrong) it is so hard to believe I have Stage III cancer and to imagine that in a few months I may have trouble walking to the bathroom. I'm damned determined to hike every day until my treatment starts!
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Glad you found this group MightyGrrl‍ . Your positive attitude and determination will take you a long way. Just wanted to welcome you and say hello before I head to bed.

Others will be along in the morning if not before to say hello and share their experiences with you too.

Check out the groups section for interesting chat topics to join or read. You might be interested in the private women's group as well.

Here are some helpful Canadian Cancer Society guides:



Warm hugs
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Hi MightyGrrl
With a name like that you will surely go far in fighting this cancer!
I too have vaginal cancer (malignant melanoma) which started in my vulva.
I have gone through several surgeries, radiation and now immunotherapy.
I don't want to overwhelm you with details just now but know that I am open to answering any questions you might have and if you want to know more about my situation and experiences, please just ask. You will soon learn that there are lots of intimate conversations to be had about this cancer location and there isn't much that is uncomfortable for me. Just ask away!
Keeping busy and hiking will help while you are waiting for your 'official' results. Make a list of questions for your oncologist and be your own best advocate.
You will get through this, one step at a time.
Enjoy your hikes!
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