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Happy Easter!
Share your favourite Easter tradition below....
Any special plans today?
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Favorite tradition used to be waking up and finding what the Easter Bunny left for me. Today - I am the Easter Bunny, so I still get to enjoy what is left for me. 😉

I called my mom a short time ago, and we had a nice chat. I'd sent her a care package a week or so ago, and it included an Easter egg. Then she tells me she ate it last night! Well I guess age has its privileges. Can't be together this Easter, so calling, and remembering Easter's past, and sending things have to do.

Having a nice roast beef dinner tonight. It's always a toss up between beef or turkey.

Have a good Easter all.

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Happy Easter! We are in lockdown again with limit of only five people outdoor. I prepared Easter eggs scavenger hunt for my kids. Waiting for my teenage daughter to wake up ( it's already almost noon😁) to begin !
Stay safe everyone!
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Happy Easter 🐣 to u and family .

Becuz of Covid scare & test with active teen grandson earlier . Easter dinner has been cancelled ☺️
So it’s drop in outside with treats by a Fire 🔥 safely. Grateful for family time .
And being brave bunny rabbit 🐇 meeting up with a male friend , to have our take out Easter dinner by Lake nearby .Who was delighted for a break between work 🐰


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A little late to the party but had a nice Easter. My daughter (who is 33) insists on having an Easter Egg hunt so we did. My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter came for an outside visit and missed the hunt but got the chocolate anyway . Thankfully, it was a beautiful day. For many, many years my husband (aka Easter Bunny, Esq) has written poems. Some of the poems are set to songs and others are just poems. The kids read/sing them. They are always funny and everyone looks forward to what E.B. Esq wrote. I missed seeing my mom but as mother nature is at least playing nice in my part of Ontario we will have an outdoor visit with her this week.

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I’m late too. Hope everyone was able to connect somehow with friends and family.

When I moved 11 years ago I had to re-home my 2 cats. His new mother sent me an Easter photo which just made my day! He is now 14 yrs old.

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Your cat has made my day.
The look on his face..it's like..so what it's a bunny...and a chick.
I am a cat hear me roar. I am so in love with him. What a beauty.
I think that's how my face looks sometimes LOL.
# mood
# I'm not having none of that.
Those would be my tags if I had Twitter lol
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klay‍ - your post made me laugh. Those are perfect thoughts for him.
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