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And it’s me
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Hi everyone, I am Narges ( it’s my profile picture flower name) . I am 43( in a week) happily married and have two lovely sons (12&15). I am a personal trainer and health coach!!!and unfortunately I am a really positive person.and why unfortunately? Because I always think bad things happen in the movies or books or another galaxies!!!so when I went for colonoscopy I was embarrassed to bother the doctor with a healthy rectum which was not and I was sure that my biopsy shows it was a mistake which was not and my cancer stage is 0 or 1 which was 3. So here I am. waiting to start my radio and chemo in two weeks. I have a boot camp and I always push my students to be strong and fight.can I push myself too ? Can I be strong? Am I going to be the same funny person who never takes things seriously? Can I be the same energetic mom and happy wife?
and here I am.
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@n.k. Welcome to this caring and supportive community.

I was diagnosed with both breast and ovarian cancer within 4 months of one another in 2019. Like you, I am a positive person by nature and also think I have a pretty good sense of humour. Those traits will carry you through your treatments, tests and appointments. It is also okay for you to have your moments of anxiety, being scared and feeling crappy. You are certainly starting out in a place of good health and fitness so that will also help your recovery.

Please be kind to yourself on the not so great days. You can do this.

You have received some great advice from JustJan‍. It's great to have a sense of humour while going through your cancer experience, but there is nothing to say it is a requirement. You need to acknowledge and deal with all emotions. No one can be positive all the time and still keep mentally/emotionally healthy. I was positive most of the time. I joked a lot about things. I even have a website called laughterandcancer.com. I write a blog. There is some humour in many of them but not all. They are informational in some cases, without being to dry and humourous. I try to find a balance in my writing, and it's sort of what you need to do as part of your cancer experience. There is no right or wrong way to experience cancer. There is just your way.

Please also keep in mind that how you respond to what you are going through will change over time as, unfortunately, things become more familiar to you. I feel positive that if you started with a sense of humour, it will be there for you. Humour is a great coping mechanism. Everyone going through cancer could never have predicted exactly how they would respond to a cancer diagnosis. You just do what you need to do to get through it. Some do it with a lot of humour and others don't. You just do what works for you.

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Thank you for your support.there are a lot of mixed emotions. I don’t like to think about the future ( more pain and less strong body) as much as I can.My husband and kids are with me in this journey and I don’t want them to be sad from now.pain is there I don’t ignore it I just let it be there and I live my life.
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(weird - not sure why the @ tagging doesn't work!)

and here you are..........thank you for introducing yourself--there are lots of folks here to support you!

I cannot imagine a better place to come to this all from than as a healthy, strong, butt-kicker fitness chick! that will only serve you well in the months ahead
as for a little humour - gawd- that is the ONLY thing that got me thru some days! :)

I still wonder, a year later, if my lab results were really real??!! so I guess I am living in 'THAT' universe or galaxy --you are welcome to drop me a DM over there anytime....lets call if WTH Land, shall we???

happy easter to you & your family

you got this
#newdiagnosis #laughteristhebestmedicine

supersu‍ I don't think that anyone can tag @n.k because you need at least 3 characters to initiate the tag. With only 3 characters, and one being a period, it's not working.

@n.k if you want people to be able to tag you so that you know when someone is referring to you or talking to you then you will have to change your user name to something that has at least 3 letters. Maybe you could use the full name of your flower.

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Welcome, @N.K

Talk about a whammy to your mind and to your strong body ….. You shall return to both, perhaps it will take a physical and emotional workout schedule written specifically for you as you recover. Good for you to catch this ‘unwanted guest’ sooner rather than later. We here are so supportive and caring---be we diagnosed ourselves, or a caregiver. Cancer sucks. Thank goodness you are blessed with a great sense of humour! I beat tongue cancer with radiation, and my friends were grateful that I kept my sense of humour. So was I.

Have you read “Anatomy of An Illness”, by Norman Cousins? He had a diagnosis of a neurological disease and was told it was fatal….Not So!! He watched Marx Brothers movies and read humorous books and was convinced that laughter played a role in his recovery; so was his Medical Team. Keep up your posting if you care to as we are interested in learning of, and supporting your progress.


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Wow, I am really lucky to have you all here. I love sharing my feelings with someone not my husband and someplace not any social media that my kids have access to them.
thank you
Narges‍ I like the name. I tagged you so easily. Now we just have to make sure that you are the same person as n.k.

I'm so glad that you are feeling welcome here.

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Narges‍ Hello again......it is so important to feel you "do" have a place, to feel free/just your own......right here!
Here we all are....listening...we get it......
Keep on sharing!
Cynthia Mac
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Narges‍ , It’s so unfortunate that so many people who have lived healthy lives end up with cancer. But, increasingly, research is making links to genetics in various types of cancer (breast, prostate, and colon in particular) just as they have made genetic links to heart disease.

Going forward, your “boot camp” is apt to include a discussion about the importance of routine screening, and won’t that be a blessing to your participants!

As with any new member, I’m really glad you’ve found this place, and hope it brings you the support that so many others have found here. If you have any questions or need any pointers about non-medical aspects of your treatment plan, someone here is sure to offer some helpful info.
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Hi, I'm new here. This is my first post, actually. But I resonated with your story because I am also relatively young (53) and very healthy. I hike every day, do yoga several days a week, ride my bike. Cancer was NOT supposed to happen! And yet here I am with a rare vaginal cancer diagnosis at Stage III - I don't even have HPV! Like you, I've always been a positive person and pretty happy. I am not looking forward to treatment but I have a few weeks and I'm determined to make the most of it. I also have a personal goal - I think small specific goals are helpful - when I'm done with treatment I'm going to get back into shape enough to climb my favourite hill. Good luck to you.
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