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Important Dates
Many people share that their date of diagnosis, start of treatment, or end of treatment are forever etched in their brain.

Share the dates that are significant to you and why below:
- Have these dates continued to be meaningful?
-Do you think about them as they approach?
- Do you celebrate them as milestones?
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I'll never forget 'D day' or Dan's diagnosis day. June 13th 2017 and the day he passed June 21st 2018. For a long time June was a miserable month..but now I'm trying to change things around. Thinking of June now the month when I got a new niece!!!! Its also Brighty and my dad's bday.
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My significant dates surrounding my cancer diagnosis are:
March 28 - lumps found
May 7 - cancer confirmed
May 15 - met surgeon
May 23 - lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy
July 31 - first chemo and herceptin
November 13 - last chemo
December 18 - first radiation
January 18 - last radiation
August 12 - last herceptin

They are all stuck in my head, along with many other significant dates.

They continue to be meaningful, I do think about them as they approach, they are significant milestones in my cancer journey.

Runner Girl
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December 3 - Cancer Diagnosis
December 17 - Metastatic Cancer Diagnosis
January 3 - Oncologist Appointment

It is a bit unfortunate that they are all around Christmas, I love Christmas time, so then the 'How many more" is always at the back of my mind. But in a way it also makes it more special and meaningful as I try to enjoy this time and live in the moment.🎄
They call it chemo brain but some dates are definitely etched in my mind even after chemo.

October 30, 2018 lumpectomy
March 12, 2019 mastectomy/expander placement
May 14, 2019 first chemo/Herceptin treatment
September 3, 2019 last chemo treatment
April 21, 2020 last Herceptin treatment
July 2, 2020 implant left side, reduced/lifted right side
January 25, 2021 nipple/areola tattoo

The tattoo is my first and only tattoo, Such a long journey I have had!!
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January 9 found lumps in the back of my neck.
March 16 was told a spot was found on my right lung.
July 24 was given a lung cancer diagnosis in a phone call.
September 17 VAT surgery to remove the cancer and the lymph nodes.
October 8 received the pathology results of the lymph nodes and was told I was cancer free.
October 11 second surgery to fix lung hernia.
December 18 scan result showing I still had no evidence of the disease, next scan is next month.
Yes those dates are a reminder of my cancer journey,
Will they ever fade in my mind and be less stressful has they approach....I don’t know, too soon to tell.

Still taking it one day at a time because that’s all any of us are being given every time we get up in the morning!!
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WoW--- significant dates.....
I had to refer to some of my"Cancer Notes" as I cannot recall whether it was 2017 or 2018. I blame it conveniently on my Radiation Brain.
I think it was:2018
June 30 - July 1: tongue cancer diagnosis
July 4 or 7: PET scan in Vancouver
July 15: ENT cancelled radiation regimen
Aug 15: 6 weeks radiation began
Sept 28: last radiation session
....and then
Dec 30: NED at my PET follow-up scan YAY !!
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Lacey_Moderator‍ Hello.......My Turn:
"Memorable Dates" =
July 12, 2018, awoke from colonoscopy : Told "You Have Cancer"
July 19, 2018 (My son's birthday), I met my Surgical Oncologist/super kind
Summer 2018 : A Blur....Appointments....Radiation
Sept 28, 2018: LAR Surgery and Temporary Ileostomy Bag
Feb 11, 2019 : Reversal of Bag

I do think about them as they approach....it brings it all back......

I ***try*** to be grateful every day.........(Still fear........it comes back)

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