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Where are you from?
If you're comfortable, share what part of the country you are from below!!

What is your favourite thing about living there?
Have you lived in more than one province?
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I'm in Toronto Ontario. I love it because its a huge city and it's always bustling with life..(during normal times of course) I've lived here my whole life...I've traveled to several places but it makes me appreciate Toronto all the more. Theres no place like home.
Runner Girl
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I reside in Calgary, Alberta, by way of Richmond, BC; Regina, SK; and Winnipeg, MB.

My favorite thing about living here are the Chinooks!

I was born in Winnipeg, moved to Regina for 3 years, moved to Richmond for 6 years and the rest has been in Calgary.

Runner Girl
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I am living in Toronto and grew up in Newfoundland. I have also lived in Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

I can’t pick only ONE favourite thing about living here. I enjoy Toronto’s multiculturalism, and learning about everyone’s different beliefs, backgrounds and traditions. (Oh, and in multicultural workplaces, the potlucks are fantastic!) I have met many people from various countries who wanted to lose their accents and I say, “No, no. Don’t do that. Accents are beautiful and we don’t all need to sound the same!”

Pre-COVID, I also enjoyed the Toronto Reference Library, the author presentations at Indigo in the Manulife Centre, the special events at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre and all the volunteer opportunities in the city.

Every province I have visited has had its own unique beauty!
Most of my life I have lived in British Columbia. Currently reside in the lower mainland. Have lived in Regina, SK and Saskatoon, SK. My guess would be shortly after kindergarten, we moved to Vancouver Island and lived in a logging camp called Mahatta River.

My favorite part would have to be a short drive to many camping areas and the scenery. Love the mountains, especially after the 5 years that I lived in Saskatchewan.
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Hi all,
I was born in Toronto and live in Toronto now - I love living close to the lake and how Toronto has so many neighborhoods. But I rarely leave mine - so it’s like I live in a small town! I’ve lived in a few smaller cities around the province too, including London and Waterloo. I have also lived in Vancouver BC - loved the mountains and living near the water there too - in English Bay!
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Hi...I am originally from Nfld but have lived in Cambridge since 1986 I come from a big family and the only one away so I visit often or I did before Covid. I am married and have 2 married children and 6 grandchildren. I am 63 years young. Lol.
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I really enjoy these posts where we can connect and learn about each other, Lacey_Moderator‍ . I am originally from Europe and ended up on the northern part of Vancouver Island via Vancouver and Victoria.
Pros: currently low COVID numbers. Nature. There aren’t too many places where you can see mountains, the ocean, bunnies, deer, eagles and even the occasional bear on your travels around town!
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I'm currently in Calgary via Winnipeg and the Kootenays. Love Calgary for the proximity to the mountains and the weather!
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I've lived all over Canada but call EDMONTON my home now. I came for '6 months MAX' and am still here almost 20 years later!

Edmonton is known as Festival City, and in non-Covid times it certainly is the B.E.S.T.
there is truly a festival every week, every season! lots involve food, so you know me, I am in my happy place!

I try to 'bloom where I am planted', it's easy to thrive here in Alberta - big blue skies and non stop sunshine!
more recently I am so thankful for the excellent medical care I received at Cross Cancer Centre.
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I live in Burlington, Ontario. I am the only person in my family born in Canada 🇨🇦. My family is from the UK and immigrated here before I was born. I did move to Oakville, Ontario and lived there for 20 years but I never felt at home there. When both of my parents passed away I decided it was time to come home and we bought my parents house from the estate. My brothers and sister were so happy that the house would stay in the family.
What do I love about Burlington. I love that it's a quiet suburb. Clean and has a thriving downtown. There are great programs to try through the parks and rec program and pre pandemic I joined an aquatic class.
The proximity to the big cities is ideal as well.
I love tha my family are local and close by allot of my childhood friends are still local..including my best friend.
We also have our summer place in Parry Sound, Ontario which is beautiful. It is picturesque there and we overtook Mill Lake and again our best friends from Burlington live beside us there.
Sending love to all of you.
❤ Karen
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I retired to a small town at the south end of Georgian Bay in Ontario 15 years ago...a four season resort area. We have everything that we enjoyed in Toronto plus the ski hills at Blue Mountain, the Provincial Parks with their hiking and XC bike trails, the road bike trails on the Niagra Escarpment, canoeing on the rivers, and much more. Haven't been in downtown Toronto since we retired and we're thinking of being snowbirds no more after staying here this year. I forgot how much I like the snow, especially this year as we got about 5' in the last couple of weeks...we now snowshoe and XC ski every day.
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I live in Stratford Ontario with my husband Steve. We have lived here most of our lives.

Love this town. Such much beauty, theatre, shops and amazing restaurants.

I love that we are only an hour away from Lake Huron in Goderich and that we are only an hour and a half away from our kids that live in Oakville and Toronto.
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I live in the Fraser Valley in BC.
Originally came from Czech Republic in 1968 after the Russian occupation and settled in Vancouver. Lived there for a few years and now live in the eastern part of the Fraser Valley for over 40 years. We have a small town living, where you know a big part of the community and people are so helpful.
My favorite thing about living here is the hiking, skiing, fishing and nature at our fingertips, yet the big city is only an hour away. Can't find many places like mine.
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I’m originally from Sarnia, Ontario and moved to London when I headed off to
college. I met my husband there and lived there for 25 years. We moved to a rural community about 50 km from London 13 years ago. We are close enough to the city but enjoy the peace and relaxation of this rural community. Both my grown children live close by.
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Good morning Lacey_Moderator‍ ! I was born in Campbellton, New Brunswick but my family moved to Toronto when I was 2. Like others have said, I love that Toronto is multicultural. I am a foodie and I love being able to try foods from all over the world.
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I was born in Montreal, QC (left there as a youngster during the political unrest of the 1960s), and spent most of my formative years in Toronto, ON. Had a small stint in Ottawa ON where I got married, had my 2 children, and realized I will never be able to learn the french language!
I am now in a small, country town, just outside of Waterloo, ON (1.5 hrs west of Toronto). I love that I am in the country, surrounded by horse & buggy farmers and two beautiful rivers. I can hop on my bike and be either in the urban busy-ness of Waterloo, or be at the foot of a local farmer's driveway buying their fresh local produce, honey, or eggs, Toronto is still in my blood, so I love that it is only 1.5hrs away; when covid is over I will be there in a heartbeat to swing by Kensington Market, Chinatown, and the Danforth.
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My daughter and I have become obsessed with cooking shows.
I love to know some of your favorite foods!
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klay‍ , you name it and I have probably tried it lol. I love Italian food, Chinese dim sum, sushi, Latin American food, especially Dominican and Colombian, Trinidadian roti etc. By the way, when I was getting chemo my oncologist said to avoid sushi (raw fish sashimi).
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I am from a very small fishing village in Newfoundland, but have lived in StJohns for many years.
I have a house where I can see the ships come in the harbor, bout a three min drive to The Waterford River, and at least 10 beaches I can sit and listen to the ocean.
I am a fisherman's daughter and as you can see, water, whether a river or ocean very important to my spiritual healing.
I feel I live in a magical Place
Dianne (Dauntless)
sgt. pepper
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I live in Toronto and have been here since 1969 when I left Hamilton, ON to attend university. I love the city so much I never left lol. I prefer big city living with all the perks, socially, physically and culturally. The only other place I've considered living is in BC because of the mountains and better climate. Ontario weather in general is awful with cold, snowy winters, and humid summers. I love the heat but not the humidity. Not so much fun during lockdown and covid scare that seems never ending but most of the time I enjoy living here. Being alone in a cave on a mountain or on a deserted island is likely the only safe places now. I also think that the medical system here is great with better hospitals and good insurance coverage (OHIP).

Sgt. Pepper
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I can't eat any seafood :( I have an allergy to it but my daughter and husband love it. My son won't eat it.
I love chicken...lol it's all I can pretty much keep down. So currently I'm using mustard when cooking my chicken and I love it. I wish I was a better cook but I do get inspired.
I love roti and I haven't had that in a long time!! If you can think of anything for my delicate stomach let me know!!
Do you drink ginger tea at all? I heard it's good to calm your tummy!! I want to try it but I'm afraid it may be strong tasting. You're fortunate to live in Toronto...I have always wanted to go to the taste of the Danforth...and of course the Kennington Market for bagels and sausage but I haven't been on so long.
lol I have made myself hungry
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I lived in Ayrshire, Scotland up until age 15. Then I was in New Zealand for 2 years. Then I stayed 9 years in Toronto. At age 26, I moved to Montreal; I got engaged to a Montreal anglo.

One obvious thing about Montreal and big cities in general, is that there are many hospitals, clinics and all sorts of health care available. Doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, almost all speak English with me. (The MUHC hospitals are the designated English hospitals, well sort -of). Downtown, (before the pandemic), there's great shopping, parades, festivals etc. There are small villages like Ste. Anne de Bellevue to visit. There are large and small museums and galleries all over the place.

I like Toronto too, but living there would be so expensive. My husband and I sometimes talk about moving to Durham region, ON.
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Yes klay‍ , I like ginger tea and it did help to settle my stomach when I was getting chemotherapy. Peppermint tea is good also. You should ask the nutritionist at the hospital for food advice. Do you make chicken soup?
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Hi All---it is neat reading everyone's home town and current town.
I was born in Texas to Canadian parents who were working there at the time.
I retired and moved to Victoria, BC about 9 years ago after living in San Francisco...(which was a gas!)
Because my parents lived in Vancouver and Victoria growing up, I was curious....and here I am...loving the slow pace of Vancouver Island; the weather is so mellow...except it snowed last week. I'm lucky not to live in the provinces where snow is way too common and it's freezing cold!
I love to bake desserts,but find I can't eat them due to mouth chewing issues following radiation for tongue cancer.... that's OK
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Live in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Moved here 30 years ago from Saskatchewan! Love our chinooks and sunny days!
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I was born and raised in Vancouver. Lived in various parts of the Lower Mainland for all of my adult life until 9 years ago when we decided to move to Vancouver Island. We looked at lots of areas but found our perfect spot in Nanaimo. Peek-a-boo view of the ocean from our house but love that almost everywhere you go here you turn a corner and have a spectacular view of the ocean, mountains, forests, other islands and on a clear day the mainland.
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I just made a peppermint tea :) thank you for the great idea ;) Paul bought me peppermint and green tea my daughter just tried ginger lemon tea and she said it made her feel refreshed. She gratesd ginger into boiled water send squeezed lemon into it...she was my taste tester.
I haven't made chicken noodle soup ever...I'm very intimidated by soups..I tried minestrone soup once and it was a big time fall lol
I'm back at Juravinski Tuesday and because I'm still throwing up I know they will change what I can eat again.
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After 30 years in Toronto, my husband and I retired to Grimsby, a small town in the Niagara Peninsula. I love living in the heart of Ontario wine country and the Niagara fruit belt with wineries and fruit stands around every corner. I never knew there were so many varieties of fruit. Our home is on the shore of Lake Ontario so we are lucky enough to have an ever-changing view in our backyard. If we get homesick for city life, Toronto is less than an hour away.

Although I have lived in several different towns and cities, they have all been in southern Ontario.
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I live in Bath Ontario. I love the small town feel. Where neighbours help shovel driveways. Was born in Wales. Moved to Kingston Ontario when I was 7. I have lived in Victoria TX, Wichita KS and Lincoln NE. Was so glad that when I was diagnosed I was home in Canada.
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Hi , I am from Saskatchewan born and raised.
i grew up on a farm , and continue to love the outdoors.
I am a retired Physical Therapist after working for 40 years, and loved my job.
We now live at Katepwa Lake .
I have 2 children, 6 grandkids, and 2 great grands, the last being born 3 months ago.
As a result have only seen him briefly due to Covid and only with a mask on.
I also have a cockapoo dog that is full of energy !
I love to work outdoors .
However I am missing my Mexican beach this winter for sure.
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