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Bladder cancer
I am very sore in my lower abdomen. It’s lasted for days I just had chemo treatment and am half way through.
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Welcome rich#1healing
Being a host for your soreness is no picnic......but the last half of the chemo is preferable better news. Have you checked with your medical team to see what is considered typical 'soreness' for chemo due to bladder cancer? ...on a scale of 1 - 10...with 10 feeling the worst possible.
You sound like you are strong and please keep in touch with the folks on the site as their experiences with bladder cancer and chemo will lend consolation.
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rich#1healing‍ - posting your concern about your pain during chemo in reply to the thread at link below may alert others who have posted there too. I’m going to tag Warriorprincess‍ and Coliver52‍ who may have some thoughts for you.

Hope you get some pain relief soon.
Definatly talk to your team about your pain . I can not offer support here, I did not have chemo. I really hope that you feel better soon .
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