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Posted by Mouser on Jan 7, 2021 10:37 pm

tryiñg to deal wìth this cancer I am dealing wìth chf. Diabetes and waiting on a biopsy in my chest to determiñe the next phase of this illness 


Posted by cancertakesflight on Jan 8, 2021 12:07 am

Mouser‍ I'm sorry to hear about your current situation. Having cancer is difficult enough without the added burden of waiting for results. No news is not necessarily good news and it's amazing just how powerful your mind can be. It can take you to so many places (from the best possible outcome to the worst...and back again). Some people dread a cancer diagnosis. I didn't like it, but I was glad to know for sure what I was dealing with. I almost felt a sense of calm when I had a treatment plan and had something solid to deal with to move forward. It's the churn that is the worst, at least it was for me. 

Personally, I had breast cancer, so I can't answer specific questions about your type of cancer. I checked for discussions that you could join and saw that you have found a source of answers in the Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin discussions. 

Please keep us posted about how things are progressing for you. I'm waiting with you. :-)

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