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January 2021 New members

Re: January 2021 New members

Posted by Brighty on Jan 18, 2021 10:33 pm

Oh boy does your situation sound all so familiar to me Cec76‍ !!!! my fiance I don't think ever saw a doctor in his entire life.   Didn't even up date his health card!  When he first got cancer symptoms I begged him to go to a doctor and it took me about 5 months for me to get him to finally go!    Then all we did that year was go to doctors and appointment.   And boy did that take a toll on both our mental healths.     My guy was very very private.    Wouldn't talk to anyone, would see anyone.    Got mad at me when I came on this site for support too.   But I couldn't keep it in, it was way too much for me to bare alone.   I tried to get him to see the oncology social worker.   I wanted him to talk to someone so bad,and I even snuck her in during his chemo.   He refused to talk to her!      I guess if a guy is going to be private and keeping feelings in all his life, he is not suddenly going to do it now.    I had to learn that, and to back off as much as it killed me.     So I took advantage of all the help...........even if he refused, I had to do it for myself and my sanity.    ..I talked to the social worker at the cancer clinic, I had my own one too at the hospital in the mental health section.        The social workers were very kind to me.  I cried so many tears I could have filled all the oceans.        One day a a time is a great matra, ......it was kind of mine too....... until it became one MINUTE at a time.    Some moments I'd be fine and the next moment I'd burst into tears.   This would happen a zillion times in the course of a single day.     My emotions were so unpredictable.  It was such a wild ride and they don't call it emotional roller coaster for nothing.    Please take care of yourself.     Do it for you, even if he won't talk to anyone, you do it....personally I found it too much to bear all alone.      It's a lot and it's shocking..    It's very hard to process.   You life is normal one moment and the next it it turned upside down.      I feel for you, it is very very difficult.    We are here to listen and we get it.    
Help is out there. All you have to do is reach out.

Re: January 2021 New members

Posted by Red Lobster on Jan 26, 2021 9:48 am

Hello All,
I am new to the group and I am diagnosed with uterine, ovarian and liver CA, So glad to find a community here to support each other through this journey. I just finished my 3rd doses of chemo, it's tough but knowing that I am at the half way point, I am hopeful to finish chemo well :)
Is there any workshop here in CCS that is related to hair alternatives or something like art therapy? I'd like to check out.
Thanks and have a lovely day :)

Re: January 2021 New members

Posted by japot58 on Jan 26, 2021 12:58 pm

New member here - breast cancer diagnosis Jan 12th, 2021, surgery is Friday 29th.... express train ride here but am optimistic and trying hard here on  my own.  I do have my bff coming up the day before and can stay for a couple of days, my nephew will arrive the day she leaves and will be here a couple of days too.  But the bulk of things will be on me and if necessary my neighbours can help out.  I have moved out my horse as I can't manage her right after surgery and depending on treatment I can only handle my LGDs.  But I am a positive loner type A personality and will manage.  Am hoping to find lots of positivity on these forums and ideas.  Goal is to get back on the horse - for Spring and get chickens going again.   Am in the BC Interior.  I did post on the introduction page too.

Re: January 2021 New members

Posted by ashcon on Jan 27, 2021 12:40 pm

Red Lobster‍ 
Welcome!  So glad you found this site and glad to hear you are half way thorough your chemo.  Do you have 3 separate cancers (uterine, ovarian, liver)?  Or a primary and mets to the other areas?
I am a breast cancer survivor (approaching 3 years NED after a stage 3 diagnosis) and I still get so much from all the sharing and caring that happens here.  
I'm sure you are exploring the other areas of this site, and hopefully getting something out of all the shared experiences and posts.  Feel free to use the "search" panel at top of page or within any forum discussion or group as well to drill down to specific topics or even to find other members with shared experiences.

Workshops for hair alternatives?  The Look Good Feel Better program offers workshops (online at this time) that may be helpful for you.  You may also find something in the Community Services Locator

Perhaps the Creation Nation group on this site can satisfy your creative cravings?

Wishing you a lovely day as well! 
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Re: January 2021 New members

Posted by ashcon on Jan 27, 2021 12:55 pm

From one positive loner A-type personality to another - welcome! - and yes, I'm sure you will manage fine through all that is coming your way.  Wow, things are moving quickly for you. There's nothing like a diagnosis and an immediate call to surgery to cause your head to spin while also giving you many reasons to focus on just what's important now.
I joined this site about 3.5 years ago after my first surgery for breast cancer and the wonderful support here has gotten me through a second surgery, chemo, and radiation.
I hope that you, too, find the same level of comfort, safety, and (yes) even humour here that I have.

What surgery are you having for your BC? 
I know you'll be busy for the next little while but check back in and let us know how you're doing when you get a chance- especially after surgery!
---- "Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced." ----

Re: January 2021 New members

Posted by japot58 on Jan 27, 2021 3:27 pm

I will be having a partial mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy and onconoplastic reconstruction - or that's what the plan is but who knows when the surgeon gets in there...  I guess I'll wait and see what I wake up to!  then of course it'll be wait for pathology to come back to him and referral to cancer clinic  and decision on treatments.  I've been told it's grade 2 DCIS but also got HER2 in there as well (I think that was mentioned).  I've been monitored for 2yrs with testing every 6mths so there was obviously something there that was causing concern - then of course it all went sideways at last biopsy on December 30th.  I am fortunate where I am that we are not high covid numbers and my nearest major hospital seems to be operating as usual and my local hospital too.