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Pathology Reports interpretation
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Elle29 Hi How is your week & weekend plans ? 2 weeks post partial IBC masechtomy , not Lumpectomy . My first born has left be back soon, give me comfort when she is here - except she keep telling me to do it myself . She may need support instead then not feel resentful I offer to set tasks with goals to go places she likes too. Her other 2 sisters working do their part very helpful .
Her other sister  a Nurse had to caution her , comes to do stuff round house .
All quiet l now , no tensions .Good time for me to putter , read , see to use my body outside phyisiclly feeling more normal or check my temp. studio projects in Garage  (Keep vigilant bout rats here by the coast . So sick of that with cancer to focus on prepare . But I have to so their persistence does not break into my home . Then that would be a disaster . Merd that is living I do not want to get use sharing my home as twice one moved into my car seating tea quickly pre surgery ./ Miss  my hunter cats . Dog a 2 yr young LD is more spooked and her scent in the car did not deter them . Thank goodness insurer paid again . The company showed to use softener sheets tied to parts ,  engine & seats .  Nasty pests yuk ) .Sick of domestic work disliking cleaning especially now restrained orders , measures to keep home and distanced  .  
Got my copy post surgery . Up all-night again , losing sleep to; Research what it means , surgeon told me some,  but not grade 111 interpretation  .
Any suggestions ? Going to check breast cancer .org to start ."" 
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