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Whats My Next Step

Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Runner Girl on Nov 19, 2020 4:15 pm

Hi Mike P‍ ,

I have had Reiki treatments at a place called the Divine Mine, you can google them and view the treatments they have available.  

There is also a study available called the One-Mind Study.  Online mindfulness meditation program to help people with cancer manage stress and negative symptoms.  They are looking for Albertans who have been diagnosed with breast or colorectal cancer who are or will be undergoing chemotherapy and who are interested in managing stress.

To answer your question, yes, I have done chemo.  I had 6 rounds from July to November, 2018.  On Tuesday of this week I had a bone density scan.  Mid-December I meet with my oncologist to determine if they can switch me from Tamoxifen to Anastrozole.  I was given 4 tattoos for the radiation.  The one in the middle of the breast bone really hurt!

Runner Girl
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Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Dauntless on Nov 20, 2020 9:02 am

My cancer is a different type than yours, but, after CT scan, and conclusion that it could be operated on, I only saw a thoracic surgeon.

It wasn't until after I became quite ill and they said surgery was off the table that I finally saw an oncologist, because ,now, I needed treatment the rest of my life.
If they feel surgery will get it all, you are among the lucky ones, My motto was and still is""Get it out of my body". After surgery, they will check margins, etc, and determine if you need chemo, you will see a medical oncologist, or if radiation a different oncologist, sometimes they work together.

I hope you never have to see an oncologist and all tests will show a successful surgery and they "got it all".

Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by CMP on Nov 20, 2020 3:51 pm

Hi Mike P:

Yes this journey can feel like a full-time job! My advice is - try not to focus too much on what's ahead. Knowing the road ahead is great, but just stay in the moment as too much trying to plan may add more stress if something throws you off course (like healing times, etc).

Anyway, I had stage 3 colorectal cancer (I ended up having to have my rectum taken out as well as lymph nodes). I had radiation and chemo together first (chemo was a pill), then surgery, then chemo again (pill (and drip IV) about 4 weeks after surgery.(depends on how you've healed, how you're eating/weight and bloodwork, etc.). I too have spots on my liver and had in my lungs, but chemo took care of the lungs and the spots on my liver haven't changed (they can't confirm it is cancer for sure) so we are waiting and just keeping an eye on them. 

As for COVID and feeling like face-to-face contact would be nice - face-time (or WhatsApp), Facebook video, are great. I talk to friends and clients that way and after feel like I've seen them in person. It does perk me up.  Wellness Life Coaching or a Counsellor can provide this for you. 




Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Jlo on Nov 20, 2020 5:11 pm

Hi Mike:

You may want to contact Inspirehealth.ca in Vancouver.  They support Cancer patients across Canada.  All their classes are virtual right now but they do have meditation and Qujong classes and some good sessions on a variety of Cancer topics including a men's group.  The meditation leader on Thursday evening is especially good.  

Best wishes in your Cancer journey

Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Whitelilies on Nov 20, 2020 8:49 pm

CMP‍ Hi Connie......your photo is lovely! Mom of 3....you are busy!
You shared you wished to connect with others, about Ostomy-reversal.....I had it.....yes.....Ileostomy, lower right.
I believe you already had the reversal.

How are you doing? Feeling OK?  Eating new foods yet?
How are BMs?  Rush to Loo?  Walk there? Strut on over?  Bolt like an Olympian?

I am actually "reversed" since Feb 2019.  Things are "medium" at best. Of course, this is all about, how a person heals AND "where" the tumour lied.....mine was really "low".....downtown , no parking, no sunshine.....
I am at the stage called "Bolt Like An Olympian Sprinter"......it is not pretty at times......but I have to make the best of it.
The clerk at Rexall Pharmacy, knows me......"Incontinence Aisle: Price Check Please on LARGE size diapers"......lol.....

Let me know how you are healing......I wish you to sail on through this.....and eat ALL you wish, and dance like everyone is watching.

I can dance.....all the way to the  W.C.



Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Nov 21, 2020 6:55 am

Hi, Mike P‍ , I have done body talk and Reiki with mixed success. I do have consistent success with the care of my osteopath, so that might be a paramedical health care practitioner you might want to look up.

Osteopathy  works with the connective tissue in the body - the fascia and tendons between the bones the chiropractor deals with and the soft tissue the massage therapists work on — and with the protective fluids around the organs. Since so much about cancer appears to deal with the lymph system, you might want to connect with an osteopath and ask some questions about this type of treatment.

Note: I am on the site due to my role as a caregiver, so your needs will be different than mine. Still, I hope you find a solution that works for you.
“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.” - Japanese saying

Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Mike P on Nov 23, 2020 9:51 pm

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and responses. I saw Divine Mind on my searches but am already booked in with Luna Holistics who were recommended by my Naturopath so I will give them a try. It will be nice just to do something other than medical appointments every day.
I have joined Wellspring and signed up for a couple sessions that looked really good but had to cancel due to the radiation treatments so will sign up again for the next ones.
I was doing Osteopathy when everyone still thought this was sciatica and have reached out to her again a few days ago. Very interesting approach to health for sure. My son and his girlfriend swear by it and go once or twice a month.
I agree Connie that looking to far ahead can be overwhelming and counter productive especially over googling information. Had to stop that a while back Lol. And yes this does feel like a full time job. I look forward to the weekends .
I keep busy with Dr appointments and Naturopaths which I find are a positive place to be while also meeting other like minded people there.
I am also reading alot of inspiring books which I find keeps me positive and knowledgeable. I focus a lot on healthy eating also.
Runnergirl - did you enjoy the Reiki at Divine Mind? I am looking forward to my session(s) at Luna. I felt the tattoos on my hips pretty good also Lol. 

Anyways the latest update is there will be no surgery due to the cancer being metastasized and I did round 2 of 5 radiation today. Feeling good so far but I am told side effects can come later.
Will be doing chemo in approx a month.

Will try Lillians and Liannes tagging instructions . Hopefully it works. 

Take Care All



Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Clarke on Nov 23, 2020 11:03 pm

Hi Mike P
You have come to a great source of experience.
My start was more helpful.  It was evidently bladder cancer. The surgeon for my colonoscopy sent me to 2 different oncologists at Southlake Regional Hospital in Newmarket, Ont.  The three of them recommended a top surgeon running programs for bladder cancer at Toronto General Hospital.  After another investigation confirming cancer, I elected to go straight for bladder removal, without going through heavy sessions of treatment, hoping they got it all.

This started almost a year before COVID-19.   Six months later I was home and CANCER FREE.

I found that there is lots of expertise and good advice out there, readily available.
Probably in your area, too.

Good luck.  I will send you my doctors’  names if you want to follow up.

Clarke Edward


Re: Whats My Next Step

Posted by Mike P on Nov 24, 2020 10:04 pm

Thanks Clarke - I appreciate you sharing that. Feel free to send your doctors names. One never knows. But for now I have a pretty good team built between the onocologists and naturopaths so I will move forward day by day and see what happens.

My naturopaths have referred me to some excellent books to read and I found out the one actually does meditation sessions which I really want to do now that the pain in my hip and tailbone is being managed a bit better now that i am working with the pain management team at the hospital. Its surprising what some small changes to a persons meds can do.
Books I have read lately:
How to Stop Mestasized Cancer ( with Keti) by Mary Joe Parker. I was going to go this way but ended up on a different path. Very good read though. There was about a hundred pages that were over my head but after that I found it very interesting.

Radical Remission by Kelley A Turner - Very good

You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza - Also very good.

If anyone wants to share any interesting books the have read I am open to recommendations. I like the positive ones with solid information.