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New Members-say hello

Re: New Members-say hello

Posted by Cynthia Mac on Sep 20, 2020 7:43 pm

adammawer‍ , well, based on what you've written, it looks like your brain knows all it needs to get you through. I know what you mean about actually implementing it, though. I completely get what you mean about the issue of losing control. I've been a fair bit that way all my life, and that's a tough nut to crack. I sometimes wonder if people who are more "go with the flow" fare better in a crisis.

Again, everyone's situation is different, but my Dad had some pretty kick-ass chemo treatments, and to my knowledge, he never "hugged the big white bowl." I used to stay with him the night after his treatment, and I was never such a light sleeper in my life, so I think I'd have known.

You mentioned that you're already finding the hospital to be helpful in keeping you organized with your fridge sheet. Dad's hospital did such a good job even my Mom would have been happy! (She was very organized.)

I know it's scary to have to walk in there alone, but the nurses on Dad's ward were awesome. I hope yours will be, too - I've a mind they will be.
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Re: New Members-say hello

Posted by Trillium on Sep 21, 2020 1:20 pm

Hello Adam! You have a really good team of support behind you with your mom and girlfriend. You will be just fine on your first day. There will more likely be another person there with it being their first day as well. The system therapy suite where my son had chemo could treat about 25 people. Just tell your chemo nurse how you are feeling about your first treatment when you arrive. Bring a game or book or something to do.

It’s about 3 hrs each day for the full week of BEP and then only 35 mts for the Bleomycin on the one day for the next 2 wks. This gives your body a break until the next full week of chemo. My son slept most of the time but he also had a somewhat reversed sleep schedule up most nights but every 3 nights or so he slept 24 hrs. He has other medication he takes which is also a contributing factor. The oncologist told is that BEP is the standard testicular cancer treatment. My son was also told for him it was a 95% cure rate!  He was also told to bank sperm if he wanted to have children.

He was told on the first day with his oncologist that he would definitely lose his hair so when it started to fall out at the end of the first week he shaved it off.

Wishing you the best today at your follow up scan meeting! Please let us know how it goes. You might want to start a thread of your journey with updates in the testicular cancer forum to get support from others and to let others in the future have your experience to read for their support.

Also, there is a private men only forum here where you may feel more comfortable talking about testicles and related topics.

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