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Hello..New On The Board & Had a question regarding CT Scans

Hello..New On The Board & Had a question regarding CT Scans

Posted by Frischi on Dec 27, 2019 1:59 am

Merry belated Christmas everyone. I am a 53 year old Male who recently (end of Sept) had a Chest CT Scan which came back Negative for any tumors / cancer, etc. I experience some intermittent and very small traces, specs, of blood in my spit in the mornings (while clearing phlegm). As been the norm the last 3-4=years, before bed, I tend to spit heavily to clear phlegm. I also did a Sputum Test which came back negative as well. I do not cough, no fevers & weight is consistent (plus or minus 2-4 lbs swing). I do suffer from major anxiety and have experienced muscle loss in my legs & not exactly sure how this came about.  I do have no cartilage in my left hip which I am waiting to have surgery to replace. Lastly, I also suffered a Gallstone attack and after having a Abdominal CT SCAN, it was decided that Galblaader removal was recommended.

i have done multiple CBC Blood Tests and Colonoscopies, Gastroscopies as well, all clear but just want to ask the board how reliable negative CT Scan Results are, and, if the Muscle Loss would be due to the Arthritis, or Stress / Anxiety I am coping with.

thank you for your time, and, any feedback is greatly appreciated 


Re: Hello..New On The Board & Had a question regarding CT Scans

Posted by ACH2015 on Dec 27, 2019 5:42 am

Hi Frischi‍ 

If I put myself in your shoes, I'd be going back to the doctor to figure out why you are coughing up blood. You mentioned this has been going on for years. Normally testing is a process of elimination toward diagnosis. Have you provided your doctor with a sample of what you've been coughing up for analysis, (sputum test) ?

If you have a lung infection (from experience) the phlegm will tend to be yellow or greenish - not clear. Blood in phlegm can be associated with many things, infection, very hard or prolonged coughing. Your best bet is to continue to seek resolution and answers toward your symptoms with a medical professional. We aren't doctors here, just people that have been through cancer and have a little more attuned learned knowledge and sense about ourselves.

Your doctor is the one that has a medical history on your health. Documenting what our symptoms are and having the professionals put the pieces together makes the most sense. The symptoms you mentioned (in total) can be something - or just a series of unrelated issues coming together for multiple reasons.

It can be frustrating and concerning to have symptoms that don't have simple answers toward management or simply explaining the cause.

Since being diagnosed with cancer (not lung) I go regularly for full body CT scans, and have for years what are deemed "stable" spots on both lungs. Not deemed to be cancer, stable because they have stayed the same size - or in some cases disappeared all together. Spots can be scars from old infections, new infections and if lung cancer is suspected - a series of scans will be ordered to monitor the observed spots to keep an eye on what is occurring over time.

Hope this helps give you some direction toward answers.



Re: Hello..New On The Board & Had a question regarding CT Scans

Posted by Wendy Tea on Dec 27, 2019 11:47 am

Frischi‍ , welcome! You have received very good advice. It is also a good idea to keep a journal of every symptom.  I find by the time I get to my doctor appointment I have forgotten half of my problems and only mention the most pressing ones. Now I write everything down and let the doctor decide what is important. 

Have you had a scope on your bronchial tract? Phlegm can be from any area from the throat downward. Keep pushing for answers. 

Are you able to get out walking? Exercise will help, as will a healthy diet. 

Please keep searching for answers and please stay in touch.
Best wishes 
Wendy Tea 
I am a survivor. Wendy Tea