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New here...already 2 chemo done...

New here...already 2 chemo done...

Posted by Manoushka56 on Oct 12, 2018 1:20 pm

I found out I had breast cancer July 27. Spent a month doing all sorts of tests to see if it was anywhere else ...luckily only in the right breast. Cancer was too big, so 4 mega chemo every 2 weeks, than 12 round every week. 4 weeks "vacation", than double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery...and radiation.
Somehow it does not sound as scary as it used too.
Dealing with menopause hot flashes and chemo after effects, but holding on.
What to do to keep as much strength as possible?

Re: New here...already 2 chemo done...

Posted by ashcon on Oct 12, 2018 4:24 pm

Hi Manoushka56‍ 
Welcome to the site, and thanks for sharing your journey (so far!).  And congratulations on completing 2 rounds of chemo so far. I'm glad to hear you are holding on.  One does that, when one has to, yes?

It sounds like you're signed up for a whole party pack of treatments, so keeping you're strength and energy up will be important.
I had the whole gamut of treatments as well with my breast cancer diagnosis - 2 surgeries (lumpectomy first, then bilateral mastectomy - no reconstruction - 6 months later); 8 rounds of chemo; 25 rounds of radiation.  Just finished all this 6 months ago.  

There are many things you can do to keep up your strength and energy, but I found exercise the one thing that helped the most.  Many days that "exercise" was simply a 10 minute very slow walk around the block. Other days, I found I could do 1 hour at the gym.  Not only did it help, physically, but it also helped me keep my mind off of things.

Here's a link you may find helpful: Physical activity during cancer treatment

I'm glad to hear the cancer was just in the one breast.  Has your surgery date been set yet? 

Re: New here...already 2 chemo done...

Posted by Manoushka56 on Oct 12, 2018 8:06 pm

There is no set date yet for the surgery...I guess we have to wait and see how my body reacts to the treatments.
Thank you for letting me know that sometimes, 10 minutes exercise is OK. I tend to think I should always feel good, and I am surprised when my body does not agree. 
I have to accept that some days will be good and others not so good. 

Thanks again for your answer!

Re: New here...already 2 chemo done...

Posted by jocrawford on Oct 18, 2018 6:36 pm

Hi, I'm new here too. my situation is kind of similar. Breast cancer, only in one (left side).  I found mine in mid July.  I've had CT and bone scans, and the cancer has not spread anywhere else.  It's roughly 3 cm, and apparently that's pretty small.  I have so far done 2 of 8 rounds of chemo (FEC and then eventually DOC, with Herceptin) I will eventually have a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed, tested and possibly radiation when the biopsy is done, sometime around February/March.  My first 2 chemo's were pretty unpleasant.  It takes me about 5-7 days to feel normal and relatively healthy.  I was approved to use CBD oil to help with the side affects of chemo.  I haven't used it yet.  I'm waiting until #3 on October 26th.  I'm hoping it will help with the nausea, headaches, sleeplessness, and the jittery shaky feeling I get.  Has anyone else had any success with CBD oil?  It was pretty expensive here in Saskatoon.  Just under $180 for 60ml.  
Joanne Crawford

Re: New here...already 2 chemo done...

Posted by KatiaRed on Oct 18, 2018 8:49 pm

CBD oil. If you get a medical prescription for it, you can buy from the Canadian medical cannabis suppliers (Google for the official govn't webpage on it). It is cheaper overall, there is the possibility of compassionate pricing, and it is a simpler medical expense for taxes.

Re: New here...already 2 chemo done...

Posted by Lianne_adminCCS on Oct 19, 2018 2:54 pm

Welcome Manoushka56‍  and jocrawford‍  and thank you for sharing and introducing yourself. I am glad you have already connected with some of our great members.

I thought I would let you know about a couple of our other discussions that you may be interested in:
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You will find lots of great support, tips and resources from our members who were all new once too


Re: New here...already 2 chemo done...

Posted by Runner Girl on Oct 19, 2018 3:41 pm

Welcome Manoushka56‍ 
I started using CBD oil after my 3rd round of chemo when I was having a really hard time.  It really turned things around for me and let me feel "semi-normal" again.  It really helps me sleep, which has always been a problem.  It's rather expensive but considering my insurance is paying for the rest of my medications and that I don't need to use a whole lot of it, it is worth the price.