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introducing me
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Hi. My journey began August 25, 2021. I went to the emergency room thinking I was having gallbladder attacks. I ended up admitted to hospital and so many tests. I knew that with all the testing it wasn't a simple gallbladder issue. On August 28 they told me I had a tumor at the head of my pancreas. The next month was full of tests and procedures to find out I has stage 3, already spread to liver.
I was so sick the month of September and the first 2 weeks of October. I could only keep down soup and yogurt. My son came home to help look after me because of how bad I was. I had my first chemo treatment of Abraxane and Gemcitabine on October 14 and my world did a 180 degree turn. I instantly felt better pain was gone and I could keep food down. This lasted for 10 days. I have chemo every 2 weeks and now I don't get sick at all. I have gained weight back and feel great most days. I do have blood clot issues and made it through 6 weeks of 2 needles a day and now on oral blood thinners.
Today I got the results of my 3 month chemo scans. The spot on my liver has shrunk and there is no further spread and my tumor markers are starting to drop. However my liver is being affected so we are gonna watch it and take a break from chemo sooner then planned.
I am a fighter but we all need encouragement from people who understand the emotional and pains.

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good morning!
yes everyone does need encouragement, and this cancer connection community is a great place to get it! welcome to you and your son. this is a place for all cancer patients and those who support us.

what a shocker to go from ‘gall bladder attack’ to ‘tumour’.
sounds like after a rough start, you have been doing as well as you can be now. that is wonderful news.

you must be pleased with your 3 month results. it def sounds like things are moving in the right direction for you.

thanks for your post. when we share our stories we have the potential to help others and connect with folks in the same ‘storm’.

cheers and do let us know how things move along for you.

#newdiagnosis #welcomenewmembers #pancreatictumour #chemo #Abraxane #Gemcitabine

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Hi @Carbla

Wow---- you impress me as a very optimistic and brave person. Indeed, we all need support, a cheerleading squad, and love in our lives….especially in the dark times.

thank you for sharing this chapter of your life.

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