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Time to say goodbye
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Jeanne was told last Thursday she has about 2 weeks left. We thought she had months but the end is coming quickly. She wanted to be here for Christmas so we had her Christmas on Sunday. I decorated a small Christmas tree with all blue and white as that is her favourite. I made names for the decorations- one for each family member, friend and even her 3 dogs who are waiting for her on the other side. My son and his girl friend brought the baby Doppler so Jeanne could hear the baby’s heart beat. We could all hear it and it was a special moment. She is going to hospice any day. I stayed over last night and her one son has taken a leave of absence from work and he told her he just wants to spend time with her. Telling my Mum about the time line was the hardest thing I have ever done.My prayer for Jeanne is that she’s goes to sleep and passes peacefully in the night. I want to thank each of you for the support over this journey. I pray every night for all people fighting cancer.
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@gcomputes im so sorry. I pray that its peaceful and you get to spend time with her. You are such a devoted loving sister. Hugs to you.

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@gcomputes - My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time. Keep us updated if you feel up to it.

Comforting hugs for you.


@gcomputes so very sorry to hear your update, we were praying for you both for time to share the new baby and Christmas. As a sister myself, I can only imagine your heartache. She and you are so blessed to have one another and all those around you. Sending you virtual strength for the coming days ahead and hoping she finds a peaceful sleep. You and she will be in my prayers 💛

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