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my partner went through a Whipple procedure to remove her soft tissue sarcoma that had spread to her pancreas. After the procedure she had to take a lot of Creon with every meal. Unfortunately since then she had a reoccurrence and died. So now I have about 4000 Creon tablets that aren't expired yet, and don't know what to do with them.

I tried contacting her surgeon and other doctors that treated her and they can't take them (or haven't answered), and the pharmacy would have to destroy them. This seems to be a shame considering how expensive these could be (fortunately my partner was covered for this). Does anyone here know some institution or so that would take those pills? Or is there someone here who isn't covered for them and could use them?


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Hello Vinzenz
First of all, I am very sorry that you partner passed away. Please accept my deepest condolences.
Second, how thoughtful of you to offer to someone Creon tablets. I don't know the answer to your question but hopefully Lianne_Moderator‍ or Lacey_Moderator‍ will be able to guide you. Again,thank you so much for taking your time to investigate. All the best to you.
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my condolences to you and everyone who loved your partner.

you, are AMAZING! how kind of you to think about others at this difficult time.
is there a pancreatic support group chapter that you could reach out to?

it doesn't surprise me that the hospitals/pharmacies can't/won't take them....it could be very tricky for them if anything 'happened' I guess

I hope somebody can take you up on your amazing generosity

cheers & hugs

#creon #cancerkindness

I'm sorry to hear of your partner's passing. Thank you for trusting us with the news.

Other than the options you mentioned and supersu‍'s suggestion I am not aware of a place that would take medication. It is a very thoughtful gesture.

Take Care,
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I would gladly and thankfully take you up on your offer as I have to pay out of pocket for everything and prices are going up now down sadly
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