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Pancreatic cancer - now lymphoid

Pancreatic cancer - now lymphoid

Posted by gcomputes on Aug 19, 2020 8:59 am

Hello everyone,
Jeanne's appointment this time showed no cancer in the pancreas. She has had 8 months of chemo. Now they say that the cancer in her lymphoid has grown for 1.3 to 1.7. I have no idea what that means. I am not able to listen to the doctor or ask questions any longer because of covid.I'm reaching out to see if anyone know what this means. They aren't giving her any treatment at this point.
Thanks Gloria

Re: Pancreatic cancer - now lymphoid

Posted by Laika57 on Aug 24, 2020 12:18 am

gcomputes‍ ask them to explain. Covid is a bad excuse for them to not keep you informed. If the doctor themselves doesn't give you the time of day, and I've dealt with enough of them who have that attitude, go through the patient care manager or patient relations.
or ask her GP for an appointment and hopefully they can give you what info you need - though they aren't the experts.
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Re: Pancreatic cancer - now lymphoid

Posted by gcomputes on Aug 25, 2020 9:05 am

I will.Now she is vomiting all the time and she hasn't had chemo for over 2 months. She is also losing a great deal of weight -25 lbs in about 6 weeks.Is that a sign something else is wrong?

Re: Pancreatic cancer - now lymphoid

Posted by Lacey_Moderator on Aug 25, 2020 9:58 am


I'm glad you posted. What a confusing time. You have question that need answers. Was Jeanne alone at the appointment when she got that info? I think it's important to let the healthcare team know about the continued vomiting and weight loss despite being done treatment as soon as possible. 

Does Jeanne's doctor have a nurse that works with them? I always found my Dad's oncologists' nurse was a great source for information. Do you think they would set up an appointment with you both to talk to the Doctor even over the phone? Your family doc may also be able to help facilitate things for you, if you aren't getting anywhere. 

For additional info and support you can call our Cancer Information Helpline at 1-888-939-3333. They are so so helpful!



Re: Pancreatic cancer - now lymphoid

Posted by gcomputes on Aug 25, 2020 10:06 am

Thanks Lacey,
I was able to listen to the dr calls before covid. Now her son can't go in with her and he gets the phone call.Jeanne asks nothing. The family doctor gave her meds to calm her stomach and I asked why does he think this is happening and she said- I don't know I didn't ask him....... Her bipolar she doesn't think about asking anything. Frustrating - we still can't go with her to any in person appointments. I will call the cancer line- thanks for the suggestion. I was reaching out to see if anyone had any similar experience.